Battle Of Marawi Video Shot By Anne Curtis’ Soldier Friend Using GoPro

Anne Curtis, a Filipino-Australian actress posted a picture in her Facebook account with a soldier named 1Lt. Bala Tamayo. The post went from how she met the lieutenant, and how he became friends with her and to the rest of the team of the movie “BuyBust”. During their taping days, the lieutenant offered oral rehydration salts to the whole production team while they were undergoing a training in Fort Magsaysay. They have kept in touch since then.

And then the Marawi siege news came out. After knowing that the lieutenant will go on a battle with his troops to defend Marawi, the BuyBust team sent care packages for the soldiers and along with these packages, Anne sent her GoPro to 1Lt. Tamayo. The lieutenant was known by Anne to have good skills in taking videos and photos, since he have been doing it for the Special Forces.

Using the GoPro that Anne sent him over, he documented the battle they have faced while they were in Marawi. He returned alive along with his equally valiant soldiers and he came back with the story of how they fought hard to liberate the country from the attacks of the terrorists.

In Anne’s post, she included the link of the heart touching video-story of the soldiers, our heroes, who gallantly offered their lives for the peace of our nation.

Here is the link to the video:

Today, Marawi is enjoying the freedom it deserves and continuously rehabilitating and heal from the scars of the war.