Barbed Wire Brows Is The Latest Brow Trend You’re Not Ready For

We’ve all heard of the mind-boggling feather brow trend not long ago, and we thought that we’ve seen enough uniqueness to what one can to do to a set of brows. But just when the feather brow is dying down, a new brow trend is making waves online. The barbed wire brows pretty much look exactly as it described. Brushes sections of brow hairs to different directions to give an illusion that they look like barbed wires. The culprit? Makeup artist and illustrator, Athena Paginton. She uploaded a photo of her barbed wire brows innovation last month and it has now gained roughly 7,000 likes (as of writing). Just as the internet is, now everyone is hopping on the barbed wire brows bandwagon.

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Who knew that makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts can do so much with a strip of hair? Makes less of an excuse for bad hair days!