Baguio Gets Firetruck, Fun Zodiac Sculptures On Fil-Chi Friendship Day

China and the Filipino-Chinese community in Baguio City gave the city government a fire truck and colorful, playful zodiac sculptures in time for the 17th Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day last June 9.

In a formal ceremony on Saturday, China Consul Wang Jianqun led the Filipino-Chinese community in the city in turning over a fire truck to the city government to bolster the city’s firefighting efforts.

“It’s my privilege to announce that the Consulate of the People’s Republic of China is pleased to donate a brand new fire truck to the city of Baguio,” said Wang Jianqun, in her message.

The consul also led the formal launching of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Sculptures at the Friendship Arc Garden in the Botanical Garden in the City of Pines.

The launch was held in a hotel, as an open-air ceremony was not possible with the thunderstorm rains at that time.

The city government had earlier allotted a 400-square-meter area inside the Botanical Garden for the Friendship Arc, which the Filipino-Chinese community in the city maintains.

The fun animal sculptures immediately attracted visitors to the garden once the rains paused, boosting the city’s tourism efforts.

With its new attraction, the park is open to the public–the locals and tourists alike, and children of all ages.

The Chinese consul said the good state-to-state relations of the Philippines and China are based on the close friendly exchanges and understanding between the people of the two nations.

“What we have done for the past 17 years has certainly increased and consolidated the friendship and understanding between the Chinese and the Filipinos and has helped strengthen the friendly relations and cooperation between China and Philippines at the national level,” she said.

As a regular activity of the Baguio Filipino-Chinese Community, 110 bags of assorted goods were given to social workers.

Peter Ng, president of the Baguio-Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Baguio and Benguet, said the Phase 2 of the Friendship Arc project was made possible by the PHP2-million contribution from the group’s members.

The amount was used for the construction of the sculptures and the fixing of the landscaping at the adopted Friendship Garden, he said.

Baguio Mayor Mauricio Domogan also expressed pride for having the Filipino-Chinese community in the city, who never fails to help make the city progressive and for their continued assistance in many ways. (PNA)

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