Bacolod Police Commended For Drive Vs Drugs, Gambling

The Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) commended stations under its jurisdiction, following their successful operations against illegal drugs and illegal gambling since January.

On Monday, Police Station 8 led by Chief Inspector Ruel Culanag was recognized for the anti-illegal gambling operations last January 31 that led to the arrest of suspect Rodel Mande, a member of the Philippine Army’s Civilian Active Auxiliary.

Police Station 7 led by Senior Inspector Ramel Sarona received a commendation for the conduct of buy-bust operations that resulted to the arrest of four suspects and confiscation of eight sachets of suspected shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) last February 2.

For the month of January, Police Station 1 headed by Senior Inspector Leo Estopa was also recognized as the top performing police station in the campaign against loose firearms and for the conduct of anti-illegal gambling operations that netted three suspects.

Police Station 2 headed by Chief Inspector Benedicto Villarias Jr. was recognized for being the top performing station in the implementation of city ordinances, while Police Station 4 under Chief Inspector Ritchie Gohee was commended for having the highest number of surrendered loose firearms.

Police Station 4 also ranked highest in number of operations and apprehensions in the anti-illegal drug campaign.

Police Station 6 headed by Chief Inspector Jovil Sedel received a commendation for its accomplishments in the anti-illegal gambling drive.

Police Station 5 under Chief Inspector Sherlock Gabana was commended for the successful apprehension of robbery suspect Richard Dy, while Police Station 7 also topped all the 10 police stations in the field of investigation.

Superintendent Nasruddin Tayuan, chief of the City Intelligence Unit, was also commended for the arrest of Marwin Navarro, 18, that resulted in the recovery of an estimated P105,000 worth of suspected “shabu” last month. (PNA)

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