“ASAP Honolulu” Gets Huge Aloha From Thousands Of Fans

The touring Filipino TV and live concert musical variety juggernaut called, “ASAP”, received the warmest aloha from thousands of local residents and travelling fans in the island of Oahu, Hawaii where “ASAP Honolulu” was recently held. From arrival till departure, the energetic cast shared hundreds of selfies, shakas, hugs, and high fives with the vibrant Filipino community which is the largest Asian group in the state.

It was a lovefest between the stars and the fans during the VTR shoots, at the press conference which registered the highest views for livestreamed press conferences on TFC online, at the TFC Marketplace where exciting booth activities took place, and during the back-to-back concerts at Neil S. Blaisdell Arena which reverberated with shrieks of delight from attendees.

In a report from ABS-CBN TFC’s daily news show, BA, ABS-CBN Global Head of Events Ricky Resurreccion said, “It’s important to bring joy to the Filipinos in Hawaii. This day is a full day of activities dedicated to them. As early as 10am, we opened the doors for all the activities that happened in the TFC Marketplace. ‘ASAP’ is an international TFC Live event so it always aims to celebrate the TFC experience with the entire family.”

“Hawaii is a very important piece of TFC’s history. It was in Hawaii where TFC first got carried into a cable system. If it wasn’t for Hawaii, TFC wouldn’t have had its start,” said ABS-CBN North and Latin America Managing Director Jun del Rosario. Martin Nievera, TFC’s first Goodwill Ambassador who grew up in Hawaii, recalled the very first TFC concert in Hawaii that he starred in with Agot Isidro back in 1997. “There’s a lot of firsts for TFC that happened in Hawaii, so to return here with ‘ASAP’ – the biggest touring Filipino live concert – is a very sweet homecoming. The love is genuine. Our team’s eagerness to reach out to all and give our best is as heartfelt as it gets.”

The four-hour spectacle for the senses directed by the eminent Johnny Manahan that regaled the live audience at Neil S. Blaisdell Arena is better seen and heard. The first episode of “ASAP Honolulu” was aired on ABS-CBN TFC last July 8. Catch the second episode on July 22 only on TFC worldwide.

Photo credits: Sthanlee Mirador for Star Studio; Nerissa Fernandez for ABS-CBN/TFC