Are You Brave Enough To Swim With Giant Saltwater Crocodiles Of Australia?

Meet the giant crocodiles of Australia thru its only crocodile dive experience named ‘Cage of Death’. This attraction takes Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin to a higher level and more popular especially to thrill-seekers.

The ‘Cage of Death’ adventure starts with a 15-minute stay in a cage fit for 1 to 2 people only. Then, crocodile handlers will feed the giant reptiles which cause it to move aggressively so expect a face-to-face encounter.

To give a more nerve-wrecking meet, the cage will be lowered into the pen to give a closer look at these amazing crocodiles.

Also, on-site photographers are there to capture the memorable images in and out of the enclosures. It includes the extremely exciting 360-degree view of tourists and crocodiles. So don’t dare miss it!

Here are more photos and video from ‘Cage of Death’:

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Photo Credit: Instagram: @what_brooke_wore, @annabelle.chapple, @tanya_weddle07, @vbegss
Video Credit: Instagram: @fly.azerbaijan

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