Are Luxury Vehicles In The Philippines Worth-It?

Luxury vehicles, something that a lot of people want in order to signify their wealth and their status. However, in a country where the infrastructure of the roads are horrid, and the traffic only gets worse and worse when people think that getting their own cars would solve the problem. Are luxury cars worth getting in the country, function-wise, appearance-wise, and cost-wise.

Let’s start with the appearance of the vehicles, considering that when people buy them, they go for aesthetic & branding. They will stand out on the roads, and people will certainly notice it. But at the same time, due to their design, some of them are low hanging cars, which is a problem especially because a lot of the humps here in the country are high, which could cause the vehicle to get stuck on them.

When it comes to function, these cars are better off in the open roads. Which are really lacking in this country, especially in the Metro? The open roads are more common in the province, where such cars won’t be as functional. The lack of open roads also makes it difficult to truly maximize luxury vehicles.

Then comes the topic of cost. In the Philippines, our service centers are not as prepared as the international service centers, which would usually result in more expensive parts. The car itself is also an expensive purchase compared to its function and use in the country. In the end, I feel that it would not be worth the cost.

In the end, cheaper or vehicles with more utility and space would be more useful and valuable for the country as it is. Save in terms of cost, save in terms of space as well!

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