Apple To Investigate Melting iPhone 7 Caught In Cam

Last year, a tech-giant company experienced the most outrages incident in smartphone industry.

The series of explosion, warnings and recalls mark the fall of industry’s one of the biggest names in smartphone manufacturing.

But Apple, maker of iPhones seems can’t escape the curse of exploding unit.

Last Wednesday, a Twitter user Brianna Olivas posted on her account a video of an iPhone 7 Plus exploded, melted and began smoking.

The video instantly hits the worldwide web with more than 1.26 million views. Different reactions and speculations reel trying to find the reason behind the alleged explosion.

The video resembles the famous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion that was caused by a faulty battery.

According to Olivia, her phone stops working and swiftly took it to the Apple store. The device underwent series of test. After inspection, the phone began working normal again. She then charged the phone before she went to sleep. The next morning the phone caught fire after her boyfriend move it to the dresser.

The incident caught the attention of Apple starts soft step investigation.

“We are in touch with the customer and looking into it.” Apple spokesperson.