Apple CarPlay Users Can Finally Use Waze And Google Maps

At long last, drivers using Apple’s CarPlay don’t have to be locked using Apple Maps.

Beginning with iOS 12, Apple will start letting CarPlay users choose Waze and Google Maps as their go-to navigation apps.

Apple announced the change in the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) last June 4 in San Jose.

Before iOS 12, Apple CarPlay users could only get directions on their drive from Apple Maps. The lack of support for third-party mapping apps prevented drivers from using Waze and Google Maps, two of the most popular turn-by-turn navigation apps among drivers.

Waze and Google Apps offer much more features than Apple’s default navigation app. Waze’s crowdsourced information gives drivers knowledge about traffic-delayed routes and police locations, allowing its users to find faster routes. Google Maps offers offline functionality to maps, enabling users to download maps of cities and other areas in advance.

Released in 2014, CarPlay is an Apple feature that allows drivers to use their iPhones from their car’s built-in display.

Apple’s latest iOS 12 rolls out to Apple devices in late 2018.

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