‘Anti-Victoria’s Secret’ Runway Show Proves That Every Body Is Beautiful

Usually held in ‘ber’ months, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a high-profile promotion and marketing of lingerie and sleepwear of and by the brand Victoria’s Secret.

About 20 – 40 women are hired to model the different sets of costumed lingerie, including the widely popular “Victoria’s Secret Angels.”

However, with these tall and incredibly fit models walking the runway, one cannot help but feel envious and wish to become an “angel” themselves.

That was when sisters Alyse and Lexi Scaffidi felt like a light bulb had lit over their heads. “We want to help change young women’s opinion of what’s considered beautiful,” Alyse says.

Through the help of their friends, family, and the social media, they managed to gather 21 non-model women that comes in different shapes, sizes, background, and age to run a fashion show of their own.

Models wore custom-made outfits which enhanced their figures, and made them feel confident about themselves.

“It’s about breaking away from a stereotypical look of what is beautiful and celebrating who you are as a person,” says one of the sisters.

Their models? Extremely diverse. Ranging from women with a body full of tattoos, an amputee, a woman in a wheelchair, and a cancer survivor, to name a few. Thus, having their event dubbed as the “Anti-Victoria’s Secret” Runway.

This year, the Scaffidi sisters are holding another DreamWalk Fashion Show this November in Philadephia, USA.

We hope they inspire more people with their vision of body positivity!