Anti-Distracted Driving Act Is Now A Law

Starting this Thursday, May 18, Anti-Distracted Driving Act or RA 10913 will be fully implemented which means using of cellphones while driving is now strictly prohibited and offending it is now punishable by law.

Included in its implemented rules and regulation (IRR) are the prohibition of using cellphones whether they are stuck in traffic or at a stoplight. This newly passed law will definitely serve as a warning for drivers who choose not to abstain from using such gadgets.

Anti-Distracted Driving Act aims to keep the driver’s focus on the road as several studies have proven that using technological devices especially cellphones are the primary reasons of the alarming number of road accidents.

It is clear that the main agenda of Anti-Distracted Driving Act is to promote road safety which is why everybody is encouraged to be as one in following the law.

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