Anti-Aging Solution Takes An Innovative Breakthrough From Myra

For many Filipinas, aging is more than just adding years in one’s lifetime. It’s about feeling accomplished, confident, and challenged in good ways to keep chasing new opportunities and personal goals. More importantly, it is about embracing your standout beauty as you age.

This is why UL Skin Sciences Inc., the makers of Myra®, introduced its latest innovation in skin supplements, Myra Ultimate. Trusted by women for generations, the latest addition to its skincare line is sure to be one of the game-changing beauty products for Filipinas today. Its enhanced formulation resonates with the minds of self-assured women who believe that having beautiful, youthful-looking skin can boost one’s confidence and lead to more opportunities, regardless of age.

“Myra® understands the changing needs of Filipino women today, that’s why we created Myra Ultimate,” said Senior Product Manager, Ritz Tan. “We want to encourage women, particularly those who are 35 years old and above who are experiencing signs of skin aging, to keep on creating new opportunities and take on life’s changes whatever the circumstance, whatever the age.”

The new Myra Ultimate is a vitamin-based skin supplement containing rich antioxidants that help reduce fine lines and lighten dark spots. At the heart of its formulation is astaxanthin, which is recognized as one of the most powerful antioxidants to date. Known as the “king of carotenoids,” which can be found in certain algae, astaxanthin is found to be 6,000 times more effective than Vitamin C and 10 times more effective than beta-carotene. These then help stimulate collagen production to maintain suppleness and address wrinkle formation, as well as decrease melanin production to minimize age spots, freckles, and dark eye circles.

“As women age, their skin loses elasticity which results to the appearance of dark spots and fine lines that deepen over time,” said dermatologist, Dr. Winlove Mojica. “Collagen production is essential for youthful-looking skin because it gives structure to our cells. But when you hit the age of 35, it begins to taper off. This, in turn, causes the skin to lose its fullness and signs of aging begin to appear.”

The introduction of Myra Ultimate is a step towards defying 40 beautifully. Take it from Myra Ultimate’s ambassadress, Cindy Kurleto.

Cindy believes that taking care of one’s skin should be a holistic process that involves eating right, maintaining an active lifestyle, and using products that complement one’s skin type and age.

“I have been using Myra Ultimate since last year and I have already experienced the effects that I really wanted to see,” shared the celebrity mom. “While it is true that skin aging is inevitable, it’s now preventable because Myra Ultimate proves to be a wonderful companion to help address signs of aging.” says Kurleto.

“I am honored to represent the brand and show women everywhere that this product can address aging-related skin concerns. With Myra Ultimate, skin supplements can now be part of every Filipina’s anti-aging skincare routine to help them achieve their own standout beauty.” she adds.

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