Anne Curtis Launches Her Beauty Line, BLK Cosmetics For Today’s Go-Getter Girls

Anne Curtis can be considered a fashion icon as she is known for ramping designer brands and rocking the most daring makeup looks on and off camera. Even if she’s already busy as a noon time show host, model and a recording artist, she still managed to launch her own make-up brand, BLK Cosmetics.

According to Anne, BLK is short for Black because black represents being timeless and uncomplicated. She wanted everyone to have an uncomplicated beauty regimen with the right products.

She is also BLK Cosmetics’ Creative Director. She shared that the main theme for her brand is simplicity. She added that BLKmakeup is for someone who is always on-the-go, someone who is not afraid to experiment and most importantly, is a go-getter.

This is Anne’s second business aside from standing as the co-owner of the mobile gaming application—Xeleb.