Angelica Panganiban Video Calls With ‘Suicide Squad’ Actor Jared Leto


“Surreal.” That’s how Actress Angelica Panganiban described her video call with Jared Leto via Instagram on March 25.

The exchanged happened when the 30 Seconds To Mars member invited his Instagram followers to join his livestream where they will talk about COVID-19. Angelica was among the few who got the chance to chat with him virtually.

After a decent amount of small talk, Angelica shared she did a movie in Dubai, which was supposed to be a 2020 Metro Manila Summer Film Festival entry, had the event not been postponed due to the pandemic. “We are in self-quarantine because we traveled from Dubai. We shot a film in Dubai,” she said.

This information lead Jared to ask her, “Are you an actor?” to which she confirmed, “I’m an actress, yes, I am.”

“Glad to hear you’re safe and sound and at home and I hope everything is okay for you guys back there and, you know, I think with warm weather, it’s gonna be good news for everyone in places like the Philippines soon, I hope. It’s nice to see you,” the Oscar Winner said.

Jared then commented on her “interesting voice” and accent that “is hard to place”, so he asked Angelica if she studied abroad. All she could respond were giggles.

Their conversation concluded with Angelica appreciating their interaction. “It’s amazing to talk to you. It’s so surreal,” the Hugot Queen gushed.

“Tell everybody in the Philippines that we love them, we miss them. It’s been a long time since we played a concert there but we love the country and we’d love to come back,” Jared said. “And I hope everybody stays at home and be good and protect yourself and be safe,” he ended.

Photo Source: Angelica Panganiban Official Instagram