Andy Warhol’s Legendary Interview Magazine Shuts Down After 50 Years

Being crowned as “The Crystal Ball of Pop” for nearly 50 years, Interview Magazine closes down shop after years of reported alleged financial difficulties, a recent lawsuit filed by a former editorial director, and the resignation of a fashion director accused of sexual misconduct.

Interview Magazine was started by Andy Warhol in 1969 together with the British journalist John Wilcock. Known for being the famous art, fashion, entertainment and pop culture publication all over the world, the magazine has broken through the traditional, often broaching subjects during non-typical conversations with artists and the biggest pop culture personalities.

In 1989, Interview was bought by the billionaire art collector Peter Brant from the late pop artist’s estate and recently “relaunched” under co-editorial directors Fabien Baron and O’Brien in 2008.

Former and recent staffs from the said publication have shared their mourns over Twitter on Monday, confirming the news of the magazine’s unfortunate folding.

Fans and artists alike shared their sentiments about the painful end of an era, reminiscing the good times that Interview Magazine has shared amongst the nation for almost half a century.

The venerable magazine has had its fair share of glory in the days up until to this generation. Known for its unique and striking features, the freewheeling conversations with actors and artists that couldn’t be found anywhere in other publications, Interview Magazine has left its legacy in the world for the remarkable celebration on pop culture and sophistication.

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