Alden Richards Becomes A Doctor To The Barrio In “Wish Ko Lang”

Pambansang Bae Alden Richards banners this Saturday’s episode of Wish Ko Lang, as he portrays Dr. Dalvie Casilang, a doctor to the barrio.

Even as a child, Dalvie has long wanted to be a doctor. He worked hard to realize this dream. When he finally became a doctor, Dalvie was offered to be part of the “Doctor To The Barrio” project where he will be assigned to remote areas. In such places, residents who get sick do not get immediate medical attention. Dr. Dalvie is fully aware of these people’s flight that he did not hesitate when he was sent to Nagbukel, Ilocos Sur. For him, it is his duty to serve his fellowmen by alleviating their condition and prolong their lives.

Yet Dr. Dalvie is not prepared for the reality that is waiting for him in the barrio. On top of the shortage on medications and medical supplies, he has to deal with the residents’ resistance to modern medicine. Dr. Dalvie still has to win the trust of his patients and convince them to hear him out. Danger lurks round every corner as well, with bandits threatening Dr. Dalvie from realizing his good intentions.

Will Dr. Dalvie succeed in his mission?

Joining Alden on this special episode are Dave Bornea, Kenken Nuyad, Rolly Inocencio, and Glenda Garcia.
Watch Wish Ko Lang!, with Vicky Morales, this Saturday (July 1), after Tadhana on GMA-7.