Airpods 2 Puts More Magic On Apple’s Magical Airpods

Apple has released their second generation Airpods and this could be the upgrade to their already amazing first generation of Airpods.

If you have the first generation Airpods, it doesn’t look all that different. But there are new fun functions!

Airpods 2 now lets you connect faster to your phones using the power of the New Apple H1 Headphone chip. It also allows you to switch on devices faster without affecting the quality of the sound.

Another magic added is its battery life from the 2 hours of usage before running dry, it is now extended up to 5 hours. Now it means more music.

Also, we already know that Airpods has left us the feeling of “where is that sound coming from?” but with this latest update, it is as if you can hear why the singer wrote that song and his intent.

Ran dry after listening to music the whole time? Now you can charge less and listen and talk more. With the inclusion of the new wireless charging case. Just put them and case then patiently wait and they’re ready to go.

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