ABS-CBN Files $5M Lawsuit Against Techspeed Canada Inc., Joe Baddas, Ferdinand Molina And Todd Ross For Selling Pirated Set-Top Boxes In Edmonton, Canada

International news and entertainment company ABS-CBN served yesterday a Statement of Claim issued in Canadian Federal Court against Techspeed Canada Inc., Joe Baddas, Ferdinand Molina and Todd Ross for damages of over $5 million for copyright infringement, trademark infringement and enabling and inducing copyright infringement of ABS-CBN’s copyrighted works.

The lawsuit alleges that Techspeed Canada Inc., Joe Baddas, Ferdinand Molina and Todd Ross sold set-top boxes that enabled buyers to access hundreds of ABS-CBN’s copyrighted movies and TV shows. On Facebook, Baddas and Ross are seen making a business presentation to new recruits, teaching them how to buy and sell the set-top boxes.

ABS-CBN’s AVP & Head of Global Anti-Piracy, Elisha Lawrence stated: “ABS-CBN alleges that Techspeed Canada Inc., Joe Baddas, Ferdinand Molina and Todd Ross were taking advantage of ABS-CBN’s premium subscription service through its digital platform, TFC.tv, by registering over 78 emails and distributing the usernames and passwords to hundreds of customers. These customers were participating in this illegal activity by paying the Techspeed group and giving access to their credit card information.”

Lawrence added: “Beware of these operations that are not licensed or affiliated in any way with ABS-CBN. If you have any suspicions that they are not affiliated with ABS-CBN, please call the ABS-CBN office in the US or Canada to verify. We will continue to protect customers by shutting these operations down. There is only one genuine ABS-CBN internet subscription service and that is TFC.tv. To purchase a legitimate subscription call 1-855-832-2632 or go to TFC.tv .”

ABS-CBN Canada Country Manager Jun Del Rosario said, “Under ABS-CBN Global COO Raffy Lopez, we have done our best to deliver the best Filipino shows on our platforms that give viewers more choice and flexibility. We urge the Filipino community in Canada to be on the lookout for those who seek to undermine intellectual property rights and make money illegally from copyright infringement. These are pirates doing criminal activities. They will be caught. Their customers will end up losing their illegal subscriptions. So, you don’t want to fall victim to that scheme. Always go to our website TFC.tv to ensure that you are purchasing from the genuine TFC.”

David Lipkus, counsel for ABS-CBN in Canada, said, “ABS-CBN will continue to take all necessary steps to control access to its content. ABS-CBN invests tremendous resources into its high-quality, original content, and will continue to ensure that Canadians have access to legitimate ABS-CBN content directly from ABS-CBN.”

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