Everyone knows that dying your hair often can cause it severe damage, that’s why hair-care products invest millions in repair and treatment creams. But it seems like beauty blogger turned businesswoman Huda Kattan has opened the world to the possibility of using Nutella as hair dye. Done at the Aded & Samer hair salon in Dubai, Huda uploaded a video of herself with bleached hair. The hair was noticeably brassy and was later covered with layers of Nutella and condensed milk. The outcome however was anything but outrageous as the final look gave an ashy brown tone to the hair, with subtle peeks of blonde.

It seemed that the internet was split in half as they watched the video, half of which couldn’t believe Nutella can now be a hair-dye alternative while the other half thought it was a waste of Nutella since clearly, the color would fade in one wash. But hairdresser Aded told Metro.co.uk, “[How long the dye will last] depends on the hair, if you want a light caramel colour, it can last around two or three weeks but if you want it darker and are willing to leave the chocolate on longer, it will last longer. Color aside, Nutella is good for the hair as it makes it more shiny.”