A PWD Proves That Disability Is Not A Hindrance

It is so inspiring to see people who are full of dreams and who never stop believing in themselves, most especially those people who have disabilities.

A netizen named Clairey Magas Ocampo posted a video on Facebook showing a differently abled crew member from a well-known fast food chain in Guagua, Pampanga. Despite having only one arm, he was extremely diligent and efficient in his work. The video became viral and was admired by a lot of netizens.

Moreover, what is beguiling is the idea of a person with disability (PWD) working in a fast food chain, considering the fact that working in such an environment is not easy. There are a lot of difficult tasks such as cleaning tables every so often, putting out the trash, cleaning the floor, getting orders, or even dealing with customers who may be demanding or outright rude.

However, this fellow has proven that there are no limits to the capabilities of a person as long as he has determination. The well-known fast food chain received a lot of praise from social media users as well for accepting people with disabilities.

There is still a long way to go to fight for equal opportunities for all members of society, but this is definitely a big step for everyone. In a world full of tragic news, it is nice to see such people full of positivity that serve as an inspiration to others.


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