A Message To Everyone This Libra Season

Dear Everyone,

You’re reading this because despite you staying adamant that horoscope is crap and hogwash, you kind of feel this magnetic field force inside you, making itself felt and yes, it’s the age of the cosmos. We’ve never been more attached to reading the universe and how certain astrological houses can affect us. Since there’s nothing much that’s good about the world, why not ask an outer force? I mean, it makes sense to make sense of nonsensical things. But a fact to consider? These can might as well be FACTS. So while you try to get settled in bed, reading about how your month will be – here’s a bit of a message.

Astrologer, Lisa Stardust (really, Lisa? Stardust?) says this season means, “embracing our innermost Venusian qualities. This means dressing head to toe in the latest fall fashion and makeup while embracing our artistic nature. Libra season is the ideal time to get your flirt on, swipe right, be social, and hit up a trendy bar. We will all become sensual and chatty – even a little indecisive in making Friday night plans.”