A Glimpse at “Quezon’s Game”

Historical film “Quezon’s Game” starring Raymond Bagatsing, Rachel Alejandro, David Bianco, James Paoleli, Audie Gemora and Billy Ray Gallion premiered last May 29, 2019.

The “passion project” of Jewish-British director Matthew Rosen, encapsulates a segment of the former President’s administration where he pursued the country’s total independence from the United States and enforced the open-door initiative for  Jewish refugees  who were looking for a safe haven from the Holocaust.

An “Am-boy”

Quezon was a “low-key” president and was perceived as an “American boy” who operated like a marionette on strings controlled by the Americans. Little is known of his administration because the country was still war-torn and under the American rule.

The film reveals the dilemma he had to face when his help was sought to provide shelter to Jewish refugees who were in grave danger in Nazi Germany while the American higher-ups and his cabinet members strongly object this.

Compelling Narrative

The “game” as suggested by the title of the film, was the quest Quezon decided to take and strategically think of ways to bring the Jewish refugees to their new home. Matthew Rosen does an impeccable job not just in the mise-en-scène but also in telling the story of these esoteric events to filmgoers.

He was able to deliver the message that when the world was in complete shambles, it was us, the Filipinos who were also victims of the previous war, who lent a helping hand when others turned a blind eye.

Despite quietly battling his relapsed tuberculosis, Manuel Quezon was a President ahead of his time.

Photo credit: Star Cinema Official Instagram Page

Timely, Timeless and Relevant

The narrative illustrates the greatness of Filipinos. It is a very timely feature as it teaches us not to forget about the power that we Filipinos can make if we all stand together. It is also a timeless film as it will surely educate next generations and make them feel proud of being a Filipino even during trying times.

Even in the current bloody state of our politics today, we must also not forget about the greatness of our Filipino leaders. We should continue to hope in these difficult times.

Definitely a must see for Filipinos to ignite their sense of nationalism especially during these trying times.

Photo credit: Star Cinema Official Instagram Page