Debuts are usually always insanely grand. Ballgowns to three layered cakes, there’s typically nothing ever simple about it. But what if you got an invitation for a debut held at MoA Arena? Yup, it’s no April fools stint. 18 year-old Dian Serranilla had her debut, that actually looked more like a concert at one of the houses of national and international concerts in the Philippines.

With the theme “New York Fashion Week”, Dian’s parents wanted to have the debut at the arena because of its tall ceilings and the fact that it can house pretty much their entire clan. Around a thousand to be more specific.

But as if that’s not enough, Dian had MAC Cosmetics for her makeup and gowns designed by Albert Andrada and Ezra Santos.

And because the event in itself looked like a concert, Dian wowed her guests with a grand entrance; being harnessed down to the stage. It would definitely be one of the most unforgettable nights not only for Dian and her family but even for her guests. Definitely a debut of dreams!

Thank you, tito @ezra_santos this extravagant gown. You fulfilled my dreams. Love you!! @ezracouture ✨

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Thank you, @moaarena for allowing this to happen! First ever debut held at the arena ?

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