8 Vacation Essentials On Your Next Out Of Town Trip

Packing light is always a challenge for travelers even if the prospects of lugging bags filled with non-essentials is already daunting. Nonetheless, many succumb to the temptation. The trick to avoid over-packing is packing smart –choosing items that you need and can make your travel hassle-free.

With the summer season in full swing, be sure to hit the road with these must-haves:


Make sure to include on your list a pair of comfortable shoes that’s slightly on the neutral spectrum so that they can match with any outfit on your trip. Travelling entails a lot of walking so better pick a pair that you can wear all day.


In this day and age of IG Stories, SLRs are nearly a thing of the past—unless you’re a photo journalist—smartphones come in handy when documenting your travel memories both in land and in water. But you don’t want your phone dipping into water and getting damaged. Don’t forget to protect your phone while on vacation with a waterproof case to avert any crisis.


Chuck the extra pieces of accessories or shirts for a handy umbrella with you just in case the clouds turn gray and surprises you with a rain shower. Mr. Sun is not always out in the summer so it’s best to carry a foldable one.


A phone with a dead battery is as good as dead weight. But no need to carry extra batteries or being stressed to locate a coffee shop with outlets to recharge because you can do yourself a favor with a powerbank that fits right in your bag.


Make space in a pocket for a few pieces of basic meds, because health issues are a possibility when you’re bound for the great outdoors. Add to your travel must-haves a kit that contains basic medicines including remedies for muscle pains, allergies, headaches, and upset-stomach.


Keep your belongings safe and organized with a backpack that can fit all your travel essentials without being too stuffy. Unlike other kinds of bags, a backpack is perfect for a no-frills travel experience.


Since you only brought a few pieces of clothing, you might feel challenged with the idea of looking drab so you could throw in a scarf or two so you can look far from plain, especially with the many opportunities for an OOTD shoot.


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