8 Awesome Reasons Why The ‘beep’ App Is A Must-Have

Cashless is the new trend these days, and the beep™ card has been our go-to payment option for transportation and other daily essentials. With beep™, there’s no need to dig through our bags or wallets for cash and coins, and no more hassle in paying for anything!

Now, we can purchase almost anything with just a tap – be it for food or transportation. With beep™, everything seems to be within our reach.

But it would also be great if there’s something to help us manage our expenses, especially now that we are living in a digital and fast-paced world. Almost everything is accessible on our mobile phones and, honestly, it makes everything easier.

The good news is that there’s a mobile app that can help you manage your beep™ cards and even check your account balance. The beep™ app is here to help us make everything much easier so we can have more ‘me’ time. We came up with 8 reasons why the beep™ app is a must-have on our phones.

1. Manage your beep™ cards

This new app can help you manage your beep™ cards in one touch. It allows you to register up to five cards so you can easily monitor your load and usage.

You can have multiple beep™ cards – one for transportation, one for food, etc. – and just have one app to manage it all. Here, you can easily access and see important information about your beep™ cards.

2. Check your account balance

Sometimes, when we take the train, we tap our cards not knowing if we still have enough balance. With the help of the beep™ app, we can see our updated card balance even before going to the station.

3. View your transaction history

Don’t know how you got that insufficient balance on your beep™ card? No need to fret because beep™ app can help you view your transaction history.

With this feature, you can view your last ten (10) transactions. With this, you’ll know if someone used your beep card without your consent.

4. Easy Access for beep™ card Information

If you are planning to purchase a beep™ card, beep™ app helps you to have all the information you need.

With this app, you can also know the different kinds of beep™ cards you can add. For example, all cards with beep™ chip can be registered like BPI Amore, Paymaya beep™ card, GCash beep™ card, Concessionary beep™ card and Student Discount cards.

5. Access to transportation list

If it’s your first time here in Manila, beep™ will be your new best friend. You can ride the LRT and MRT easily with just one tap! But, did you know that your card can also be used in other transportation services?

With the app, you can find the list of bus partners that accept beep™ payment. Now, you don’t have to search frantically for the beep™ logo every time you see a bus!

6. Access to list of food merchant partners

The beep™ card isn’t just for the LRT or MRT. You can also use it in select stores and food places around the Metro. If you don’t know where to eat, just log-in to your beep™ app and find the nearest restaurant around you!

7. Access to retail merchant list

Going out on a movie date with your significant other? Looking for a gift? Or maybe running a quick errand to the nearest convenience store? Check out the app for the list of merchants where the beep™ payment is accepted.

With the beep™ card, all you need to do is tap and go.

8. Access to loading services merchandise list

If your card balance is running low and you don’t know where to load, just open the app and scroll down to the list of loading options.

Choose which one suits your needs for an easy and hassle-free loading experience!