7 Ways To Ask Your Friends “Ibugaw Mo Naman Ako!”

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“Why are you still single?” “When will we meet him?”

Are you tired hearing these questions? Well maybe it’s time for you to make a move and start finding that guy instead of waiting for him!

And if you are having a hard time finding him yourself you may need to ask for your friend’s help!

Here are seven effective ways to get your friend’s help in finding you a partner:

1. “So Kamusta Naman Kayo Ng BF Mo?”


Asking your friend about their relationship too often is like asking them “you know I’m single right? So why aren’t you helping me find one!” Here you’re trying to sound that you’re just checking if everything is okay with your friends relationship but the truth is you’re giving them a signal that you also want to know how ti feels to have one.

This would be very obvious especially that they know that you’re still single.

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