7 Things You Can Do To Remove "Haters" Off Your Social Media Accounts

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The Internet is a world on its own, it provides access, information and opportunities just by a click of a button. But along with the positive insights, it has also lived to be a double-edged sword. While people pick up a voice and share their opinions, some opinions tend to be outright offensive. It isn’t surprising to know that currently cyber-bullying or even online hate has been spreading like wildfire, thanks to everybody’s access to social media. But who said we have to deal with Twitter wars or unreasonable Facebook hate comments? There are ten things you can do to make your Internet life hate-free, here’s a list of our top ten:

1. Unfollow or Unfriend Them

The easiest way to completely eliminate the hate off your feed is to just remove it, you’d be surprised how much easier your life would be without the unnecessary hassle. You aren’t required to be friends with everyone online because that’s not a measure of true friendship. You have no obligation to keep people around if they are just going to bring disturbance to your day to day life.

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