10 Things You Must Consider Before Taking A Driving Test

After so many weeks or months of training and “winning a lot of motor oils” in your system, the judgement day has come.

Maybe you have been dreaming to have your driving license ever since you’ve discovered the joy of driving cars in an amusement park when you were a child.

And the journey will be ended by a single paper that dictates whether you make it or not.

You’ve probably read all the driving manuals and memorize all the terms needed. But there are still a lot of factors that need to take considerations. And these are top 10 of them.

Make sure the vehicle is in good condition.

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Knowing that the car is in good condition before taking the test will give you peace of mind and an extra confidence before you take your driving test.

Always steer smoothly

Accelerate smoothly. Take a deep breath. This will help to relax your muscles while driving.

Practice makes perfect.

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Just keep practicing. This will help your body to get familiar with the gears that need to manipulate while driving.

Study the rules.

Aside from familiarizing motor and road terms, you must study the rules of the road. Knowing road guidelines will not only make you pass the test, but will make you a responsible driver.

Take it to the expert

Seek advice to people who also undergone driving test recently. Ask them how was their experience. Asks for first-hand tips that you can also apply to your assessment.

Be comfortable with the car you are driving

It is important that you are comfortable with the car you are using in your driving test. You need to make sure that you are not feeling nervous and you must be comfortable with the controls and especially the clutch that will allow you to accelerate and change the gears well.

Think Positively

Before taking your test and arriving in the driving test center, always think that you are going to pass your driving test. You can visualize something creative, close your eyes and imagine that you are driving really well, flawless acceleration, flawless steering and seeing all the hazards that you are going to encounter. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are going to pass.
Before you enter the test centre, believe that you’re going to pass. Try some creative visualisation, which involves closing your eyes and imagining yourself driving well over the route, making flawless manoeuvres and seeing all the potential hazards.

Warm Up before driving

What I mean of warming up before driving is feed yourself, calm yourself before you go to your driving test.

Pray to God


Honestly, God can do anything, whenever your pray to him he’ll make sure that he will grant your wish. He will take care you while you are taking your driving test, he’ll make sure that you will be safe.

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