With fast-pacing environment, we need to always stay active and alert to perform our daily grind. That’s why it is very important that your smartphone has all the features you need to make it through the everyday hustle.

With these ten essential smartphone tools, will help you able to balance work and pleasure. All these must-have tools listed below are needed by performance junkies everyday, so it’s important to ensure that your smartphone has enough running memory to have your favorite applications working all at once, with no lagging concerns, especially when you’re on-the-go.

10A Trusty Organizer

To let you manage your day and multiple commitments without skipping anything important, an organizer right in your smartphone will always come in handy.

Some apps can send you reminders a few minutes before a scheduled appointment so you’ll never have to be late, or even alert you about an upcoming summer trip so you can stay ahead. When it comes to keeping all those ideas and plans of yours organized in a jiffy, Evernote is an app that’s worth checking out.