10 Must-Have Smartphone Features

With fast-pacing environment, we need to always stay active and alert to perform our daily grind. That’s why it is very important that your smartphone has all the features you need to make it through the everyday hustle.

With these ten essential smartphone tools, will help you able to balance work and pleasure. All these must-have tools listed below are needed by performance junkies everyday, so it’s important to ensure that your smartphone has enough running memory to have your favorite applications working all at once, with no lagging concerns, especially when you’re on-the-go.

A Trusty Organizer

To let you manage your day and multiple commitments without skipping anything important, an organizer right in your smartphone will always come in handy.

Some apps can send you reminders a few minutes before a scheduled appointment so you’ll never have to be late, or even alert you about an upcoming summer trip so you can stay ahead. When it comes to keeping all those ideas and plans of yours organized in a jiffy, Evernote is an app that’s worth checking out.

Powerful Messaging Applications

In this hyper-connected world, you should never be out of touch. Thankfully, there’s a plethora of messaging tools that you can use – whether it’s SMS, Viber, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, or other messaging apps that you can install on your smartphone.

You can chat face-to-face, quickly send large files, submit a report to your boss, or even share high-resolution (you’ll need storage for this, of course) photos and videos with your friends from that epic beach trip over the weekend.

24/7 Connectivity

In this day and age, you can’t afford not to be connected 24/7. If you still aren’t, go get yourself round-the-clock internet connection via your smartphone, so that all updates are fast and right at your fingertips.

It’s no longer a luxury, but an essential tool that will keep you productive and always apprised of what’s happening out there – whether it’s about work requirements, vacation tips, or the latest news from friends and family from halfway across the globe.

Music Player

There are some people who work better when accompanied by relaxing ambient music because this helps them disengage from the stress and refocus their thoughts. A trusty music player on your phone is always a must.

During quick down times, say, while you’re stuck in traffic or killing time during a layover flight, you can listen to your favorite band, or maybe even an audio version of a book you’ve been meaning to read for the longest time.

Navigation guides

We all get lost, so you do need some help from time to time. Make sure your smartphone’s stocked up on those all-important navigation guides such as Waze and Google Maps. These are especially helpful when you’re going to a new place and you don’t have much time to spare.

Having fast updates is the name of the game, and it’s great to have these guides in your smartphone to instantly plan your routes, estimate departure times, and even find parking spaces and nearby restaurants so that you’re treated to a hassle-free roadtrip.

Long lasting battery

We all wanted that phone that really lasts long. Long enough that we can play that game we really wanted. We also need long lasting battery phones for emergency calling and texting.

We really hate that moment when we are doing something important and then our phone will just die like that.


Crystal-clear display

You won’t appreciate your great game without a beautiful crystal-clear display. Smartphones can give you that wonderful display that you always wanted.

You can now see beautiful colors while you are playing with your friends.


Great camera

Love taking pictures? Unfortunately, you cant do that if you don’t have a smartphone. Smartphones offer a great options of beautiful cameras you can have.

With these cameras, you can take a wide variation of pictures whenever and where ever you go.


Multiple windows

People are always fast paced. We always multi task. It is very important for us to have that smartphone that you can actually use for your work or school.

We wanted to have a smartphone that has an ability to do multiple tasking and windows.


Finger print sensor

Thanks to technology, privacy with phones is now available. With just a simple touch, we can already open our smartphones. With this, people won’t be able to access your phone without your approval.

This will also make you feel safe that no one will touch your phone.


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