Some people prefer to spend their whole summer vacation at home, maybe because they want to just rest from the tiredness and stress they get from school and work. Or maybe some can’t afford to travel far or doesn’t have the resources for travel and personal expenses. And having a vacation somewhere far from home requires a lot of planning and time, that’s why there are really those who would just want to stay at home for summer. Here’s a list of gadgets that you can use for your stay-cation:

1. Smartphones

Of course, smartphones are close to being a necessity to everything people do. It is use for communication, entertainment, and surfing. Smartphones or your personal phone can still be use to make your stay-cation worthwhile. You can just communicate with your friends who you won’t be able to see for the whole duration of summer, keep in touch with them. Or you can just surf through the internet. Social networking sites are accessible on mobile and there are also apps that you can play with to keep you occupied. You can also do a research about anything with your smartphone in order to still learn even at home.