10 Fashionable Ways To Style Your Boyfriend’s Clothes

One of the silliest habits girls have (and love) is stealing their boyfriend’s shirts. Something about an oversize piece of clothing with the perfume scent of her boyfriend sprayed all over it just makes any girl feel giddy. But obviously, a clothing article that doesn’t quite fit a feminine frame will look awkward. But who says it can’t look stylish? Here are five ways to fashionable ways to style your bae’s shirt:

Sports Shirt

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Comfy sports shirts are probably the best to roam around in, not only it is functional, it can be stylish too. Swap out your regular pair of jeans with a fun play of patch-worked pants. Add in open-toed booties for extra height and to give an illusion of a taller figure. Finish off the look with a chain sling bag to polish off the mixed ensemble.

Classic Button-Down

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Just about every guy has a crisp white and classic button-down shirt in his closet. Something about an oversize button-down exudes an androgynous trend. Throw in your favorite pair of distressed light-wash jeans and accent the top with a choker. Keep the boyish feel going by slipping into low-rise boots or a pair of oxfords.

Band Shirt

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Who says that a band shirt can’t be girly? By mixing it in with the right article of clothing, an outfit can instantly look different. Grab your A-Line denim skirt and pair it with your BF’s band tee. For your footwear, match a pair of cute ankle socks with a pair of open-toed kitten heels. To complete your look, add a dash of sophistication to the get-up by putting on a beret. Voila! You rock your bae’s shirt.

Loose Shirt

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Loose shirts are the easiest to style, not only because of the misshaped construction but also because of the laid-back vibe. Channel a more edgy look by throwing on a bandage skirt that is in the same color family as the shade of the shirt. High-top boots will give the entire look a rocker-chic vibe. Bring your sunnies along as an added touch.

Statement Tee

A statement tee can easily be dressed up. So why not play around with lengths and textures? Slip into a duster coat for a change but create juxtaposition by buttoning on a pair of distressed denim shorts. Grab a pair of boots to contrast with the rather classy touch of the coat.


Are you feeling cold and you want to use your bae’s warm sweater? No problem, you can easily pair up your bae’s sweater with a midi skit and tuck it in. To finish your look add your best stilettos and you are ready for your runway.


Use your boyfriend’s flannel? No worries, you can just tie your boyfriend’s flannel and pair it up with you your best denim shorts. And to, complete the look, partner it with your chic cowboy boots.

Boyfriend Jeans

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Wearing something casual using your boyfriend jeans? You can pair that up with a nice sweater. To make it more perfect, wear a chic sneakers to complete the perfect chic look.



Want to look sporty wearing your boyfriend’s jersey or rock your boyfriend’s jersey? You cab pair your boyfriend’s jersey with your denim shorts and denim jacket to add more accent. And for your footwear, you can wear you sneakers to complete your style.


Your boyfriend’s hoodie is the most comfortable to wear. It is oversize and it warm whenever you are going to wear it. You can pair your boyfriend’s hoodie with your denim shorts. For your footwear, you can wear it with your best sneaker and to add more style you can partner it with you sling bag.

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