3 Deleted Scenes From ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ That Will Change Everything

3 Deleted Scenes From ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ That Will Change Everything


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“Crazy Rich Asians” is an art full of art — the concept, the production, the talents — it is almost unbelievable how much money and time were invested to execute such a remarkable and glamorous film. It is, without a doubt, a successful one given how the people felt goosebumps during the magical wedding march and how many times the viewers quoted Astrid Leong’s famous line, “It’s not my job to make you feel like a man. I can’t make you into something you’re not.”

The film had such a large-scale production that so much talent and materials were available on set. Every scene stands out, yes, but the following deleted scenes are also worthy to be recognized, that you might think that these should’ve been added in the movie.

1. When “Andy” got the fellowship instead of Rachel
This scene highlights a major setback that she has aside from being not wealthy enough, and this is: being a woman. In this deleted scene, it is announced that a man named “Andy” received the Economics fellowship. Rachel’s fellow professor, who is as distraught as her, then says, “It’s b******* that you didn’t get the fellowship. With your student and peer reviews? If you were an Andy, it wouldn’t have been a question.” Rachel Chu agrees with her co-worker, is about to leave when she is interrupted, forcing her to stay and even sing on stage.

Source: YouTube/kya hi

2. When Rachel and her mom picks out some clothes
As if the difference in wealth and power isn’t enough of a hindrance for Nick Young and Rachel Chu, this scene digs into a lot more differences the two actually have. While picking for some clothes to wear in Singapore where Rachel is set to meet Nick’s family, her mother expresses her excitement towards this gesture that she refers to as “a big step.” She goes on, saying that she feels that Nick really loves her daughter. The conversation shifts to a more serious mood when Rachel asks, “I mean, Nick’s parents can’t not like me right?” Upon hearing this, Rachel’s mother gives her a different look, and Rachel goes after her as she turns around. Rachel backs up her argument by saying, “How are they different? I’m Chinese, they’re Chinese.”

Her mother looks her in the eye, and answers, “Yeah but you grew up here.” She shifts to speaking in Chinese, and goes on, “Your face is Chinese. You speak in Chinese.” She points at her heart and mind, “But here, and here… You’re different.”

Source: YouTube/kya hi

3. When Nick and his mom have “the talk”
If the aforementioned scene hinted how Rachel’s upbringing in New York makes her different from Nick, this scene complemented it. This scene is not only a perfect example of how wealthy families protect their power and reputation, but it is also a reflection of the Asian culture where an individual owes everything that he does to his family. Nick talks to his mom about Rachel being his happiness and wonders why it is so hard for his family to accept this, saying, “It has always been about our family.” His mother answers, “You have no idea what your father and I have done for you.” The tension between the two escalates as they argue about what was done by another despite not agreeing to it, which is also rooted in honoring their family’s work.

The scene ends with Nick questioning his mom if it was worth it to give him up to his amah. His mother pauses, then says, “Yes.”

Source: YouTube/kya hi

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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