#2018LargaGoals: Why It’s Important For You To Travel The Philippines

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This is probably a question we, Filipinos, never ask because it seems pretty obvious. But let’s be honest, a lot of times we take for granted the wonders of our tiny island country in favor of the more seductive idea of traveling the world.

So, let me refresh your desire for our own destinations with 5 reasons why you should put Philippines at the top of your travel list:

1. Affordable and Quality experience

For anyone who’s just starting to explore the possibilities of travel, nothing beats doing it in your home country. Why? Top 2 reasons – you have no language issues to speak of, and no forex issues to contend with (I’ve once overspent in Japan using the wrong forex rate. Painful.)

For more seasoned travelers, the benefits are the same. Even better, the journey becomes a personal challenge. The more remote it is, the more exciting the trip. And because you have the comforts of home felt even in the most unknown places, there’s always a piece of familiarity you can count on.

Have you heard of Ungob Rock? It’s in Mongpong Island, Marinduque. Very pretty… hard to get to/Krystle.Klear/Instagram

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