11 Tips On How To Give A Good Impression On Your Job Interview

You applied for a job and you were lucky enough to be among the shortlisted candidates.You are booked for an interview. This is probably your very first interview or you have had many others in the past. Truth is even those people who are qualified job seekers need to prepare thoroughly for a job interview. When it comes to interviews you only have one chance to make an impression no second chances. You cannot afford to mess this golden chance up. Below are 10 tips on how to ensure that you give a good impression when you show up for that interview.

1. Punctuality

Time is a very important factor. This should top your list of things you should put into consideration. Imagine you arriving for your interview late and your interviewers waiting for you? It is best that you arrive for your interview earlier. Have time to recollect yourself and to organize whatever you will need during the interview. It is during this time that you should compose yourself. Showing up for interview early enough is a sign of how serious you are about the job and how reliable you are for the job. Arriving early is the first step to a successful interview.


2. Dress code

You get into the interview room and the very first thing that the interviewer will notice is whatever you are wearing. The clothes you put on say so much about you. You have to be very well groomed. You have to consider hygiene. You must dress in clothes that are very clean and with no stains. You have to look very professional and at same time nice. As a lady you should go for clothes that fit you perfectly. They shouldn’t be too tight or too lose and you shouldn’t show off too much skin. If you choose to wear a belt go for one that is small and simple and it can match your purse and shoes. Your nails must be well kept and neat. Should you choose to wear makeup go for a light shade and keep it minimal. If you really want to land your dream job you must dress the part.


3. Carry only what is required

Going for job interviews is all about giving good impressions. Imagine showing up for an interview and the first thing you ask your interviewer is whether they have a trash can. That will portray you like a person who is not serious. When going for an interview carry only the things that you will need during the interview only.


4. The receptionist matters

That person at the front desk really matters. She may not be the hiring manager but her opinion matters. Be nice to her and you should treat her the same way you will treat your interviewers. Her opinion will count in the long run.


5 Confidence

You have to be confident and calm. There is no employer who wants to hire a timid person. They all want confident people. Confidence is a determining factor don’t let being shy stand between you and your new job. Be confidence. Maintain a good posture as you talk to your interviewers and remember to also maintain eye contact with them. But be very careful not to be overconfident. And remember no chewing gum in the interview room.


6. When it comes to questions and answers

When asked a question answer with confidence and you are asked something and you honestly don’t know, be honest about it. Avoid fumbling. It is for this reason that before the day of the interview you ought to have done lots and lots of research. You have to be very well prepared. You can even rehearse on the night before. You let the interviewers led the interview but you can always ask questions in between in case you need to.


7. Enthusiasm

When in the interview room you must look enthusiastic. Look prepared for the job. Show how flexible you are and how willing you are to get the job. Don’t get into the room looking dull,sad,negative and with attitude. Be friendly and likeable. You may not tick all the boxes for the job criteria but enthusiasm will sure put you in a better place of getting the job.


8. Your phone should be away and switched off

When you show up for the interview put your phone away. Focus on ensuring that you have all the documents you need. Go through your resume. Organize your thoughts. This will ensure that by the time you are going into the interview room you are well prepared and calm. Do not forget to switch your phone off once in the interview room.


9. Be organized

Within the first few minutes of your meeting with your interview, rest assured that they will ask for your resume. Have it well organized and neat and it should be in a place that is easily accessible. Do not rifle through your bag makes you look unorganized.


10. Making the first move

You should not be afraid to stretch out your hand for an introductory handshake. This makes you look excited, self-assured and that you are ready for your interview. And remember to give your interviewer a nice firm handshake as this will show him/her how sincere you are in meeting him/her.


11. Make a connection with the interviewer


Making a connection with your interviewer helps ease out the tension and creates a good rapport with the interviewer. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Look around and find something to talk about briefly. This puts both of you ease and carrying on with the interview will be much easier that way.

Most importantly do not go for the interview with a please hire me approach. Be cool, calm and confidence. There is no room for looking desperate. It is all about starting your interview on the right foot.

With these tips you will definitely give an impression that is memorable and they will land you that dream job.

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