10 YouTubers Who Will Inspire You To Be Your Best Self

10 YouTubers Who Will Inspire You To Be Your Best Self


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YouTube has become bigger and bigger over the past few years. YouTube can almost be used as Google, you can search how to install a shelving unit on how to do a natural smokey eye. This information can be overwhelming, and the videos you can watch on YouTube are overwhelming. That is why we’ve provided a list of YouTubers we think you should watch that impart positive messages to their audience

1. Penelope Pop

Photo Credit: Instagram/penelopepopart

Winnie Wong or Penelope Pop is an Artist, Teacher, YouTuber, and Businesswoman. Winnie Wong has videos on how to organize or downsize your collection on certain items. Her “How To Be Basic” videos show viewers the short list of essential items. Freeing up physical items can also free up space in your mind. Overall, Winnie has also shown viewers to embrace your creativity and ideas. She embraced her creativity through her businesses “The Everyday” which is a unique planner and “Pouf Fragrances”.

2. Michelle Phan

Photo Credit: Instagram/michellephan

Michelle Phan is one of the original beauty YouTubers, she started doing makeup tutorials and now has her own cosmetics company called “Em Cosmetics”. Michelle took a year-long break from YouTube for her mental health and well-being. Although her subscribers missed her videos, her hiatus made viewers feel that it is okay to take a break for you.

3. Jenn Im

Photo Credit: Instagram/imjennim

Jenn Im is a fashion YouTuber, she was formerly known as “clothesencounters”. Jenn teaches viewers to love themselves through their clothes. She does not tell viewers to wear certain pieces but rather to wear what makes you feel good. Jenn now has a clothing company called “Eggie”. She also shares advice on her marriage, managing a home, cooking for yourself, and checking in with yourself through it all.

4. Ashley a.k.a bestdressed

Photo Credit: Instagram/best.dressed

Ashley’s are mostly fashion videos but she also has videos on home improvement and even apartment hunting in New York. She was a film school student and has a high focus on aesthetics. Ashley’s videos make fashion easier for those who are intimidated by it. She also has videos beyond fashion, one promoting self-love, called “how I learned to love being single (+ why you should too) that teaches women that you don’t need a man to make you happy and content.

5. Hannah Pangilinan

Photo Credit: Instagram/hannahpangilinan

A successful Filipina YouTuber, Hannah Pangilinan has shared natural makeup looks and even her family Christmas parties. Hannah has videos on creativity, being a Student-YouTuber, but several are about self-care. She uses her learnings from life to help viewers with theirs. She talks about how she gets her life on track, her 2020 vision, her journey moving to Australia, and her faith. Her various topics can help almost anyone with anything.

6. BeautyWithin

Photo Credit: Instagram/beautywithinofficial

BeautyWithin has 2 hosts, Felicia Lee and Rowena Tsai, who help people with their skin health. The dynamic duo has purpose to their pairing, they each have a different skin type so that their advice can help people with various skin types. They try out different products for review and share what viewers can do if they face certain skin issues. If you’re struggling with your skin, these girls are a must-watch.

7. Ashley Garcia

Photo Credit: Instagram/ashleyogarcia

The fashionista teenager, shares various aspects of her life a highlight being affordable clothing which is perfect for viewers who want to spice up their wardrobe without having to break the bank. Ashley is also introverted so hopefully, introverts watching her can feel a certain sense of comfort that they can also share their lives and advice to the public. She does various videos on thrift flips, the Taytay tiangee, how to dress like your favorite celebrity, and more. Ashley’s videos overall can help viewers feel their best, look their best whilst also being kind to your wallet.

8. Anne Clutz

Photo Credit: Instagram/anneclutz

Anne Clutz is a YouTuber and a mother. She has various renovation vlogs updating subscribers on her home but also wedding preparations, shopping, vacation, and her kids. Her videos are different from one another but also embody her as a person. Anne shares her struggles of wedding preparation and renovations that make viewers feel that it is ok to share your struggles.

9. Anna Cay

Photo Credit: Instagram/annacay

Anna Cay is a vlogger, whose videos can range from whatever she chooses to film. She leads a normal life, that makes people feel generally happy. Her comedic undertone in videos can also serve as an escape from the stresses that life may bring.

10. Alex Gonzaga

Photo Credit: Instagram/cathygonzaga

An actress before she was a YouTuber, Alex Gonzaga’s videos serve as comedy through any time. She shows that it is okay to be a woman that is quirky, fun, and always family-oriented. Alex squashes the belief that women should always be prim and proper, her goofy side is always on display in her YouTube videos. Comedy isn’t all she does, she also features her family and friends often in the videos making her environment the stars of the show.

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