10 Witty Responses To Your Friends If They Say, “Ang Choosy Mo”

10 Witty Responses To Your Friends If They Say, “Ang Choosy Mo”


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It’s not always a walk in the park to pick someone we’d want to be in a relationship with, let alone have our crush like us back. But that doesn’t mean that we’re just going to settle for any guy, because we have what we call standards. Unfortunately, not just any guy will be someone that would fit our personality.

But to our barkada, saying no to a date or guy means you’re being “choosy,” and while it can be considered a joke, sometimes it does get annoying when our friends tell us, “Ang choosy mo”. So for those fed up with being labelled “choosy,” here are 10 witty responses you can say.

“Bawal magka-standards?”

If they make a joke about you being choosy then throw a joke right back at them by saying, “Bawal magka-standards?” Because who says you have to go for the first guy you see on Tinder, right?

You have a type and you have standards; there’s nothing wrong with following them through. After all, it’s your heart that’s at risk here.

“O, tapos?”

Though it’s a bit defensive, remind your friends that there’s nothing wrong with standards by acting completely blatant about the fact that you are in fact choosy.

Plain and simple. Ask them, “So what?” You are a single girl that can’t be bothered about getting a boyfriend. You have high standards, so what?

“That’s because I’m confidently beautiful, bes, but I can’t give him my heart.”

Let them know that you’re sticking by your decision of not going out with whoever they set up with you and it just won’t work; you are beautiful and a gift to all men.

You’re the catch, so why settle for the first fisherman’s hook you see? There’s plenty of them dangling around. Take your time in choosing.

“Okay naman pala bes, kayo nalang kaya?”

When you just can’t take them telling you over and over again that you’re choosy, why not kid about your beshie and the guy she’s setting you up with to go out instead? Bakit nga ba kailangan ikaw ‘di ba?

“Bes, kayo na lang kaya. Parang mas bagay kayo eh.” What do you know, maybe it’s your beshie who really likes the guy after all.

“Options, options, options.”

Kindly (or fiercely) remind your friends, that the reason you are choosy is because you have options. Ika nga ni Toni Gonzaga sa Four Sisters and A Wedding, “Options, options, options!”

You’re beautiful and smart, and boys are a dime a dozen. You have tons of choices to choose from. There’s no rush in finding the one you really like. Take your time, girl.

“Try mo kayo muna, tapos kami naman.”

Since your bestfriend is your bestfriend, you can afford being sarcastic, so why not throw a one liner, “Try mo kayo muna, tapos kami naman.”

“Sarcastically” ask your bestie to try the guy out first, before you date him. Your bessie probably knows what you like best anyway, right? They can screen the guy for you.

“Lahat kailangan i-date bes? Ms. Congeniality lang ang peg?

You don’t have to date everyone, you’re not running for Ms. Congeniality. Who ever said choosing is a sin? You can be friendly with the guys, but you don’t have to date them all.

You’re not after the body count anyway, are you? So what if you’re not piling up man after man. What kind of woman does that anyway?

Yes, I know. What’s your point?

Just own it. Own being picky. It is true anyway, right? There’s nothing wrong with being selective on who you’re going to date. You a beautiful, independent woman; you need to filter and screen those guys. You can’t just date anyone.

Ignore what your friends are saying. It’s not their life. If they wanna date everyone that gives them motive, it’s their choice. You do you, girl.

“Anong akala mo sa akin, bes, Pokemon trainer?”

If you guys are a fan of the Pokemon series, this could be a good response. You know Ash Ketchum’s line in Pokemon whenever he does Pokemon battles?

“Pikachu, I choose you!” And he tells all his Pokemons this.

You’re not a Pokemon trainer, so don’t say, “I choose you.” At least, not as often as Ash.

Bakit parang galit ka? Bakit parang kasalanan ko?

If you have a flair for the dramatics, go for Bea Alonzon’s iconic line in the hit movie Four Sisters and a Wedding. Especially if bes starts to sound a little accusing.

Joking aside, though, it’s not your fault that you have taste, girl. It’s not that you’re being entitled or something, you just have better taste than others, that’s all.

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