10 Ways To Respond To Your Tita When She Says “Parang Tumaba Ka”

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During reunions, one of the common things being noticed by your relatives is your physical appearance. With or without intention to cause offense, most often than not, it hurts our ego. Why do they have to point it out – lalakasan pa boses kapag nagsabi eh, nananadya.

But of course, you can’t lose your cool because they’re still your family. We have here 10 response you can give to your tita (or whoever relative, in your case) when he/she says you gained some weight:

1. “Okay lang po, basta healthy.”

Just be humble and make them understand that there is nothing wrong with gaining weight as long as you’re healthy. No to size discrimination! It’s actually better to have meat in your body than look like a walking skeleton.

Gaining extra weight isn’t that bad – it’s just a matter of how you carry yourself. Don’t feel discouraged because chubby is the new sexy, anyways!

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