10 Ways To React Kung Masyadong Pinapamukha Ng Ex Mo Na Naka-move On Na Siya

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Breakups are not easy—each person has to undergo a phase of moving on. But sometimes, as much as we crave for a smooth moving on process, one person just decides to be either immature or insensitive. Let’s admit it, just about all of us have experienced our ex trying to badly show how they’ve “moved on” from us. While it is immature, it is the reality of breakups. But how exactly do we respond to such a situation? Do we channel our inner “Popoy” and say, “Bash, ‘di mo ba alam ang three-month rule?” Here are 10 alternative ways to reach kung masyadong pinapamukha ng ex mo na move on na siya:

1. Be Happy For Him

They say that “ang asar ay talo”, which basically means whoever gets ticked off, loses. Having composure and grace during rather challenging situation shows one strength. Even though it probably isn’t the easiest thing to do, it’s definitely the wisest. It’s like saying, “I know better.”

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