Love conquers all and this time it has conquered the distance. Long-distance couples are no different nowadays especially technology made its way to bring people closer to each other.

Most LDR couples who have been engage in such kind of relationship for awhile may have already mastered the art of talking and updating one another. However, doing your usual set-up wouldn’t be enough to strengthen your relationship. Repetitive talks and conversation can be a result for you to be cold with one another.

The distance can be pretty complicated and limited not only physically but also emotionally. But, have you thought about the virtual aspect? Here are few of the virtual simple yet sweet thing that LDR couples can do to express and strengthen their love:

10Serenade him or her with his favorite love song

You need no soprano nor falsetto to give her a little spark. Assuming that you know her taste, you probably already know her favorite love song. Every woman wants to feel like they’re being courted from time to time and a simple serenade could already give her butterflies.

However, if you’re not sure of her favorite song then resort to a song that best describes her or your relationship. This can be a cute sweet surprise especially if you’re not the type of guy who really sings.