10 Ways To Answer "Bakit Wala Ka Pang Boyfriend" During Reunions

Relatives always make family get-togethers a whole lot more interesting with their funny stories and witty remarks. But sometimes the good old “Kamusta ka na anak?” greeting just doesn’t make the cut and they refer to questions like “Bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?” instead.

For most of us, such questions are just as shocking as they can be offensive. But to push away any more side comments, here are eight responses you can answer to the unnecessary remarks:

“Nagpapayaman po muna.”

One of the most common response. This is a perfect response to get family members off your neck.

Tell them that you decided to focus on your career first to be able to establish a decent future for yourself and future family and it will be easier for you to achieve that when you’re single.

“I don’t need a man to fulfill me.”

“Sorry tita but my source of happiness is not only derived in having a relationship with a man.”

This will give them the notion that you are a strong and independent woman.

“It’s better to be single.”

A somewhat realistic response. “Why would I enter a relationship when I’m doing fine on my own?” Besides, being single gives you the liberty of doing anything you want without asking for someone’s permission.

So in a sense you really are in a relationship. Relationship with freedom.

“Wala pong pumasa sa standards ko.”

“Nope, I wouldn’t lower my standards for anyone.” Let them know that you’re not committing to someone who’s not right for you, that’s why your standards are very important.

If he doesn’t meet your standards, then you have no other choice but let him off the hook.

“Kasi lahat po ng type kong guy…guy din ang type.”

A witty response to you persistent relatives. Not only this could take away the spotlight from you, but this you could also have a good laugh after replying this to them.

“Hinihintay ko lang po si James Reid.”

Though it’s possible (somehow), this will already give your relatives a hint on the message you’re trying to convey. Obviously there’s a reason why you’re still single, unfortunately for them, you’re not willing to share that reason.

This could get you off the hook or it could invite more questions from them. In the case that they insist to further ask you, humor them more by getting crazier with your responses. This will eventually tire them. Besides, who wants to get senseless answers.

“Bakit po tita? May mairereto po ba kayo?”

If they’re too keen to get you a boyfriend, why not ask them to find you one? Makes sense right?

“Kasi girl po hanap ko… joke lang po!”

This is a hilarious way to respond to family members who want to continuously snoop into your life. Craft a catchy and jokey response that you are into girls. Girlfriends make better company as opposed to boyfriends is an appealing way to get into their nerves.

“Ay meron naman po, LDR lang kami. He lives in the future while I’m in the present.”

This response will initially give a glimpse of hope to the expectant family members. In addition, it is likely to elicit laughter from them when the statement is completed. When this is the case, they might wander off from the topic and completely forget about it.

This prevents unending questions about your relationship status. With this response, there is even room to get more innovative. “In essence, I prefer the present to the future. With the future, you are not too sure of what can happen.”

“Wala pong forever.”

“I have never at any moment exhibited signs of believing in forever. It’s too exaggerated to be real. Being in a relationship is not a fairytale that will transform into an eternity. I have got so many strengths but nurturing long lasting commitments is not one of them.”

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