10 Useful Dating Tips For Ladies

To be honest, dating isn’t that hard. It takes guts and confidence to date someone. Face to face conversation may sometimes be scary to some. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you should always be yourself and bring out the best in you.

That will really bring you to someone you like. You don’t need to act like someone else just to please others. Here are 10 useful dating tips for ladies out there.

Firm up your non-negotiables

These are the deal breakers in your dating activities: Do you want smokers or non-smokers? cat or dog lovers? Views on open relationship? Focus on character traits, personality type, and values and not on physical or financial attributes. Kung di ukol aba dapat di bumukol!

You need to actually think about what you really want. If not, in the end, it will be you who will regret it.

Listen to your gut feel

If your date cannot answer simple questions on what he does or where he works or about himself or avoids answering personal questions even on subsequent dates, medyo kabahan ka na! A little ka-praningan is okay.

Or if you are already irritated even during your first date – this could be tell-tale sign that you two will not work together. Hit the road Jack na ang drama mo girl!

Moderate the booze

Drinking can sometimes be equated as pa-sosyal pero during your first date, “Day, hinay hinay lang! Di magandang impression na tomador ka! Plus, getting drunk is not just risky but clouds your judgment! As in all in life, moderation is good!

Its okay to be able to drink once in a while but not too often.

Dating is not commitment-setting. Explore!

Getting asked on a date, especially by somebody we really like, feels like heaven. Then we start thinking naka jackpot tayo at may forever na! Snap out of it gaga! Dating is just getting to know you moment. Don’t pressure your date or put pressure on yourselves.

Just relax. No obligation is involved. Dating is exploration! So, go head Dora, explore na!

Ditch the cellphone and look him in his eyes! Be interested.

An instant date-killer is the frequent buzzing of your phone. Or you constantly check your FB messages and friends’ statuses. Sana di ka na lang nakipag date at nagpakasal ka na lang sa cellphone mo! Take interest in the conversations: participate, acknowledge, laugh or feel sad timely!

Pag late ang reaction dahil sa sobrang pag check ng phone, nakakahiya at nakakabastos sa ka date! Respect begets respect! We all want that right?

There are no rules in dating! Just feelings.

Sometimes, we think of so many rules when we are dating. Yung kating kati ka na I call or text yung naka date mo, pero ayaw mo pa kasi meron kang rule na dapat after 3 days pa. Or feeling mo dapat si guy muna ang mag call or text para di ka halatang atat na atat!

Well, rules can sometimes ruin good dates! If you feel like making the first call or text, go ahead! But if the guy does not reciprocate, then at least you know he is not into you! Then just say Babu! Move on and explore again!

Don’t just try the bar scenes. Be seen in all the scenes!

Blame it on movies and pop culture, we seem to believe that we get dates in bars and parties. While sometimes we do, there are other areas we can stumble on good dates. Accept invites to all kinds of events. Malay mo sa binyagan ng anak ni kumare mo, makita mo si cutie pie na hinahanap mo!

Or sa fund-raising activity ni office mate, andun pala si boy of your dreams! Or sa fun-run na inorganize ng company nyo, andun pala si future boylet mo!

Lesson: go out and don’t limit dating scenes. Just keep your eyes open ateh!

Follow the gaze. More chances are you know what he is up to!

First impressions really count. So the first 30 minutes of the date is crucial. Observe how your date looks at you. If he looks often into your eyes, chances are he is really into you! Pero ineng, kung ang tingin ni boy eh sa dibdib mo lagi tapos parang taas baba ang tingin na may kasamang basang labi, medyo kabahan ka. It is likely, he just wants a bang, bang into the room (I know you want it) or Bang bang all over you (I’ll let you have it). WORSE, if he gazes passed you and into another girl in the room. #alamnathis!

Don’t talk about your ex.

Kaya nga ex – exiled, ex-communicated, ex-convict, exorcist, EXIT! Talking about your ex-boyfriend during your dates will do you harm than good. Dating is discovery! and you don’t want your date to discover about your war stories with you ex.

Keep the conversation fresh. Sabi nga, past is past and you are not in a bitching session with your girlfriends. You are on date bruha!

Make sure you really really really are ready to date

Be sure that you are single and ready to mingle! This is especially true for recently heartbroken. Unfair sa ka date mo, kung you will just treat them as your rebound or a “meantime” boylet. Kapal mo ha!

Free yourselves with baggages and be emotionally ready. Ika nga, be healed before you yield into the dating scene.

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