10 Tips To Make Long-Distance Relationships Work

10 Tips To Make Long-Distance Relationships Work


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With each passing day, it has become common for people to interact more easily and swiftly using modern technology. This has meant that the world has really become much smaller. Social media enables people reconnect with acquaintances and friends in innovative ways and habits like online dating has become a trend. All these trends played a major role in long-distance relationships and somehow contradict the common belief that this kind of relationship is destined to fail has been proven to be a myth. However, these relationships are without a doubt tricky and arduous. They are emotionally exhausting, yet can be quite rewarding .More than any other type, a long- distance relationship requires tremendous effort on both sides.

In this article, I will give you some tips that can help you make your long-distance relationship work.

Build Trust And Loyalty

The importance of trust in a long-distance relationship cannot be gainsaid. If there is no trust then there is no reason of embarking on a relationship. Constant worry that your love partner is with someone else leads to unhelpful suspicion, defensive reaction and perpetual quarrels. This cycle may eventually lead to a break-up in the relationship.

To avoid this, both of you must be honest with each other. Even issues such as platonic friendships with co-workers should be raised and discussed. This is critical especially for long-distance relationships since the distance means your partner is unable to see what is going on in your everyday life. Complete disclosure calms the worries of your partner and this builds up loyalty and trust.

Make Social Media Your Friend

A useful way of making life pleasant and fun in a long-distance relationship is by utilizing the power of social media. Sharing posts on Twitter or Facebook, tagging each other in Instagram photos or using Skype to show off a new haircut or hairstyle are some of the things that you can do.

Sharing social networks is an important way of creating mutuality in long-distance relationships. The technological advantages of social media networks together with the advent of smart phones, allows long-distance couples to connect and share lives together at the swipe of a finger.

Exchange Keepsakes

Exchanging keepsakes helps both partners maintain a connection with each other. This may be a picture or even a teddy bear or other personal stuffs, which could somehow dull the sharp pains of longing to be with each other.

These things provide joy and comfort and a feeling of being together with your partner.

Remember To Use Text Messaging Appropriately

Texting is appropriate for conveying simple and brief messages. But keep in mind that attempting to express complicated thoughts using text messages can cause misinterpretation and needless conflict.

You can use text message for quick or playful thoughts like ‘I will call after work,’ or ‘I wish you were here.’ Texting while drunk is strongly discouraged while sending sexy texts will depend on individual preferences.

Use Email For Long Conversations

If an issue deserves more complex consideration, email becomes very handy. This may be about planning visits, trips or other such exhaustive topics.

However, intimate relationship issues are best communicated in person or through a phone call. In a nutshell, if a message is too long for texting and not serious enough to demand an urgent phone conversation, using email might be your best option.

Write Love Letters

While technology has made long-distance communication incredibly cheap and easy, still nothing beats the thrill of receiving and opening a handwritten love letter through mail. Being pen pals with your partner involves communicating in an intimate, unique way. Love letters are an enduring way of storing precious past memories unlike webcam sessions and phone calls which are easily forgotten.

Making a little mailbox crammed with love notes is a fun way of counting down the days before the next visit by your partner. Everyone enjoys receiving a mail that is not a bill or an advertisement. Sending a postcard or letter indicates that you care enough to make the extra effort. You can send a love note, card or gift to surprise your beloved partner.

Talk Each And Everyday

Long or short telephone conversations can help to keep your relationship with your partner. Added variations of this includes phone dates using applications like Facetime or Skype. You can experiment and find out which method works best. It is also good to develop shared things that will bring you closer despite the distance.

Walking out and admiring the moon or stars as you talk over the phone is one good example. You can also establish a routine of texting ‘good morning’ to start the day. You can experiment and see what ritual is appropriate for you.

Appreciate Your Partner’s Independence

Though painful, appreciating your partner’s independence away from the relationship is important. Especially in a long-distance relationship. Both of you experience a distinct world each day, but honoring each other’s independence helps curb co-dependence, leaving you more empowered and confident.

It is also important to go out and do interesting things with your own friends like swimming, hiking or even playing karaoke. This makes your partner find you more interesting as you narrate your recent activities.

Use A Countdown App

The time between visits can seem to drag for a lifetime, especially when the duration is significant.

You can look for a fun downloadable countdown app that can indicate the time before your plane lands or how much longer until the next meeting. You can send a screen shot of the app to your partner to make her know that you are thinking of her.

Stop Listening To The Naysayers And Prophets Of Doom

One of the biggest challenges that you must be overcome in a long-distance relationship is shutting out the comments and advice of naysayers-who may include relatives, friends or acquaintances -who will forecast doom every day. Such people will most likely have never been involved in a long-distance relationship but they will be on a daily mission of sowing seeds of doubt.

Each person experiences life in a unique way and their doubts must never affect or dictate your life and destiny.

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