10 Times JaDine Effortlessly Made Us Giddy Through Instagram

Fans and supporters can’t just “sit back and relax” whenever James Reid and Nadine Lustre upload their pictures on Instagram because the couple has never failed to produce posts that are total #goals. Aside from their totally fashionable outfits and pristine vacations, what we can often see in their feeds are sweetness-overdosed moments.

So, here are ten JaDine Instagram moments that are totally #KiligOverload:

“You rocked my world, you know you did.”

Posted on November 7, 2014, Nadine uploaded a picture of her with James where both of them looked genuinely happy. Captioning it “You rocked my world, you know you did” made it seem like Nadine was enjoying their so-called friendship as she celebrates her 21st birthday with James.

With a Victorian Goth theme, Nadine Lustre, the birthday celebrant wears a vampire-inspired gown and make-up where his escort James Reid was wearing Edward Scissorhands costume. In the middle of the event, James serenade Nadine by singing “You Rock My World”, just as how Nadine captioned their picture. During this time, fans were still fresh-crazy hoping that the loveteam would end up being together as they were still vocal about being “just friend”.

You rocked my world, you know you did? @jaye.wolf

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Just when you think long captions are trend. Well, James Reid turned the world upside down when he posted a picture of Nadine with the caption “Stunning”. It was short, but it definitely spoke a thousand words.

Amidst the rumors spreading about his relationship with Nadine, he may have shut everything out after he posted a photo on January 28, 2016 where rumors were still roasting. During the last few weeks of their Teleserye “On the Wings of Love”, both of them decided to take a break by going to California’s snow-covered lake known as Lake Tahoe. Although they may seem very sweet all the time, James Reid maintained that they remain “best friends” during this time.


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“And just like that my skies became blue again.”

We think Nadine meant her caption figuratively in two ways as her Instagram feed beforehand was a series of monotone photos and eventually broke her own insta-feed rule by tinting it with a bit of blue. Or… maybe she meant that in a way that James gave her life color again.

After James Reid revealed that they are officially together, Nadine’s happiness may seem to take over her Instagram account. James Reid, being the most expressive among both of them, did not need any captions, just a sweet gesture like when he said “She is worth it.”

And just like that my skies became blue again.

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“The best party I’ve ever had and I’ve had some WILD ones.”

The picture says it all. James’ birthday party was indeed a blast because of Nadine, of course. See the hashtag guys, “#thankslove”.

Marking his first birthday with Nadine as her girlfriend, James also shares a sweet photo of their first photo kissing as an actual boyfriend and girlfriend. A few hours after the photo was posted, several netizens have quickly re-posted it making it one of the most trending photo that time. However, fans were still teased with the red X over their locked lips.

“When I’m losing my control, the city spins around. You’re the only one who knows, you slow it down.”

Ever since their confession, Nadine Lustre and James Reid have become more expressive of their feelings for each other. In Nadine’s Instagram post on March 22, 2016, she quote the lyrics of The Fray’s “Look After You” with “When I’m losing my control, the city spins around. You’re the only one who knows, you slow it down.”

This message was accompanied by an artsy vintage silhouette effect shot of James Reid located at Burj Al Arab. The couple seemed to be having an escape and was seen strolling by the beach of Dubai’s, Burj Al Arab hotel. Seems like James is Nadine’s grip whenever his world is in chaos. Plus, we can all say that stolen shots are the best!

“I miss u already.”

The caption may be typical but the picture completely leaves us at awe. In this case, guys wished they were James to have someone sweet by the passenger’s seat and girls wished they were Nadine to kiss someone as handsome as James Reid.

But enough with the daydream, you’re just not Jadine. James and Nadine are known to travel a lot, and by a lot I mean, A LOT. While they were on a trip to Batangas, a friend captured what they call “kissing goals” while James and Nadine were in the front seat of a convertible car. After their trip, Nadine immediately posted the photo dated January 20, 2017. Seems like Nadine can’t get enough of James presence.

I miss u already ♡ ?: @trishdenise

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“And if I lose myself at all I will not be afraid to kiss the lips that send me in orbit.”

Like a Japanese fairy-tale, with cherry blossoms swaying along the wind, leaves falling from the trees, and a prince suddenly appears. Nadine Lustre have captured this moment which was seen on his post on June 20, 2016 at Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum.

Nadine quoted the caption from the song “Orbit” where James on the photo, was standing behind the pinkish flowers, staring right in front of her, inviting her with the lazy look on his eyes. As a response, Nadine may have been hypnotized by James look as her caption suggests that it’s okay to lose herself with James, and only James.

“Who dat handsome guy?”

Since James and Nadine are known to be quite tech-savvy, Motorola just got them to be their ambassadors of their come-back with their new launch of Moto Z phone.

However, Nadine didn’t just showed-off his new phone. On a photo posted on February 2017, Nadine was sitting on a chair, covering half of his face with his new phone Moto Z. But it’s not just that, if you will look closely, you’ll see the phone’s wallpaper is the image of James Reid. So, maybe it was not just posted to say ‘hey! I got a new phone right here’ but also to say ‘hey! this guy right here, He Is Mine’

“Happy birthday Sexy!”

Her caption may be short but the pictures were totally meaningful. The couple celebrated James’ birthday with their closest friends and family members and fans were very happy to see that the actress seems to be very close to the other people who are significant to the birthday boy.

Following her birthday message, Nadine shared more pictures of James’s birthday celebration to what seems like a classy party bus with formal black and white themed party—not to mention the fur.

Happy Birthday Sexy! ♡ @jaye.wolf

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“This is the highlight of my life so far. Our adventure has just begun.”

Come on, guys. We can’t stress enough of how much this event #shookedt our world. The ship may have sailed a long time ago before this happened but what could be more official than an announcement from the couple themselves? #FromReelToReal.

The photo was captured on their ‘JaDine In Love’ concert after James confessed her love for Nadine Lustre in front of their crazy-wild fans. Seems like dreaming was indeed as good as when it actually happens in reality.

Photo credit: Nadine’s Instagram account (@nadine)

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