10 Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind ‘Pag May Cutie Na Dumaan

Admit it—Just about everyone enjoys a little past time they call, ‘Pogi Hunting’. It’s something a barkada often does while outside and chilling out with friends or even family. We’ve unconsciously turned our eyes into tinder-like motions where we swipe left and right to each guy that passes by. But when a certain cutie happens to pass by us, there are a million and one thoughts that race through our head. “Mapansin niya kaya ako?”, “Ay, grabe. Hindi ako ready sa cutie na ito”. But to sum up just about every thought each girl has, here are 10:

Straight Kaya Siya?

It’s quite essential, to say the least, to know if a certain eye-candy has the same preference as you. Today, it can be a challenge to distinguish either or. So obviously, it’s one of the first thoughts that pop in our minds.

Sana Hindi Siya Taken

What’s the point of gawking over a hot guy if you have no chance with him right? Unless he’s a celeb, there’s always that 0.001% in you that wonders if you could romantically end up with a hot stranger. Also, malay mo naman sya na nga talaga ang Mr. Right mo, diba?

Ano Kaya Pangalan Niya? Para ma-search Sa Facebook

We’re not quite sure if it’s the social media culture that has embedded this habit in us but the moment we meet a cutie, the first instinct is to search them up on Facebook, hoping we can unearth some juice. But we don’t always get lucky in doing, since sometimes they just literally pass by.

How Will I Do The First Move?

Girls are fast-paced thinkers. We are like fortune tellers, knowing what will happen next or what might happen next. We tend to have futuristic strategies on how will we do things. That’s why if a cutie hangs around, we’re already how we’re plotting the first move. Arte pa ba? May gwapo na nga eh.

Bagay Ba Kami?

Girls serve as their own matchmaker. Girls think of this to mismatch themselves with the guy destined to be for them. Obviously, pilitin na ang sarili sa pogi kahit out of your league right? But we can’t help but wonder, “bagay ba kami?

Feel Ko Magugustuhan To Ng Parents Ko

As Filipinos, we always tend to have strict parents. We always think of them when it comes to picking our boyfriends, or even looking at a cute guy! Which is why we try to twist our own fate and convince ourselves that our parents will probably like a certain cutie we see.

Ano Kaya Interests Niya?

Since there’s minimal to zero convo between you and the cutie that passes by, you judge the type of person he is by checking out what he’s bringing or wearing. You try to check out if he’s a employee, artsy, hipster, simple, anak ng mayaman or seems easy-going. Yup, in a matter of 0.2304820343 seconds pinagtutumpak mo na interests niyo based pa lang sa appearance niya.

Tiningnan Nya Rin kaya Ako?

It’s not bad to assume if he also looked at you. Isn’t it nice to actually be liked by the one you like? Girls think of this all the time. Who knows? Baka type ka rin niya, pero just to be safe, ‘wag assuming.

Kaya Nya Kayag Makipagkulitan Sa Friends Ko?

Will that cutie be able to mingle with the crazy people around you? Can he catch up with how you talk to each other? A friend’s opinion can also be a huge factor. You can sometimes see it in his face if he can be able to join your group.

Saan Kaya Kami Ikakasal?

Admit it, your thoughts can go as far as this one. You overthink everything to the extent of you having kids. It’s not a bad thing, don’t worry. Just about every girl thinks of this. So, beach wedding or garden wedding ba?

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