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10 Things To Remember Kung Wala Kang Karapatan Magselos Kay Crush At Crush Niya

10 Things To Remember Kung Wala Kang Karapatan Magselos Kay Crush At Crush Niya

Oo, bes, wala tayong karapatan magselos. Eh sa hindi talaga tayo ang gusto ni crush.

Isn’t it twisted how fate would allow you to meet your crush, him to meet his crush as well, and have all three of you not reciprocate each other’s feelings? It’s like destiny decided to play an evil game and break your hearts ten times over. Unfortunately, heartbreaks are part of life, and we need to remember our place. Bes, kung best friend lang tayo, tandaan natin na as much as it hurts, hanggang doon na lang talaga.

For girls out there who don’t want to throw Toni Gonzaga’s famous line (“Ang tanga tanga ko! Ang tanga tanga ko!”), these are 10 things to keep in mind:

Hindi Ka Niya Type–Oo, Masakit–Pero Wag Na Tayong Magsinungaling Sa Sarili Natin

Yes, it sucks and it hurts. We give our whole heart to someone and it comes back in pieces. Wala man lang thank you minsan, ‘di ba? But that’s why love is supposed to be selfless. We must give without expecting anything in return. If you’re a friend or a best friend, even if it hurts, always remember to know your place in his life. Ginusto mo ‘yan ‘di ba? Panindigan mo ‘yan.

Basta, always remember to never put yourself down. Yes, you may not be his type, but he’s not all men. There’s bound to be a guy out there that likes you and consider everything you are beautiful. You just have to look. Ang kaso, you’re so obsessed with your crush, you forget about the rest of the world. ‘Wag ganon, girl.

Walang Masama Magselos, Tao Ka Rin

There’s nothing wrong about getting jealous from time to time because it’s human nature. Just don’t let the jealousy swallow you whole. Acknowledge it, but don’t let it cripple you. Okay lang naman magselos eh, basta gawin mo lang nang tahimik.

Jealousy can get quite ugly. It can make you do things you’d regret, like making a scene. Oh my goodness. Do not, I repeat, do not ever make a scene out of jealousy. It would not only make you look like a crazy-ass person, but it would also ruin whatever small ounce of chance you have with your crush. So keep your emotions in check. ‘Wag padalos-dalos, girl. Maghunos-dili.

Hindi Mas Maganda Ang Crush Niya Sayo, Kaya Stop Comparing

No, the girl he likes isn’t prettier than you. You are equally beautiful in your own way and right. So stop comparing yourself to her, because frankly you won’t achieve anything by doing so. He doesn’t like you for his own reasons, just like how you may have not liked a guy that once liked you. Puro like!

Seriously, though, don’t let insecurity get the better of you. He probably just saw something that you don’t have in the other girl, but that doesn’t mean that she’s better than you. You probably have something that she does not as well. It’s just that it’s not what your crush was looking for at the moment, but what do you know, maybe another guy out there is looking for what you have.

Utang Na Loob, ‘Wag Kang Umastang Girlfriend

Girl, learn this mantra: “I am not his girlfriend.”

Yes, it’s probably tempting, especially when you’re so close with the dude. You’re in the point of your friendship where you guys tell each other everything. You’re just so comfortable with each other’s company that it comes so easily. However, you guys are still just friends and nothing more. So don’t go acting like a girlfriend. One, it’s annoying. Two, you’re not his girlfriend!

Respect your boundaries. Know your place. Keep your mouth shut. Talk only when spoken to. Manahimik ka na lang. What you don’t want happening is him gravitating away from you because you’re making things awkward and annoying.

Pero ‘Wag Ka Rin Naman Masyadong Martyr

Yes, you have to know your place. But it doesn’t mean that you have to torture yourself. If they’re together in a room and it’s starting to get a little too much for you, you can always leave. They probably don’t want you there anyway. Truth hurts.

‘Wag ka nang mag-third wheel. Hindi mo ikagaganda ‘yun. And probalema kasi, kapag si crush na ang nagyaya, hindi ka na makatanggi.

Girl, learn to say no. Yeah, it’s hard to pass up an opportunity to be with the apple of your eye, but it’s not worth your heart breaking into small pieces every time you see them canoodling.

Take Time To Realize

No, this is not the intro to Colbie Caillat’s song. There’s always a lesson to get out of every situation, even the one you’re in right now. Kung wala kang matututunan dyan, what’s the point? Why are you staying? Don’t tell me you just like getting hurt over and over again. Join a fight club, if that’s what you’re into.

Learn something from what you’re going through right now. It doesn’t have to be about love or whatnot; it can be something about yourself. Just learn something that you can use in your next romantic endeavor. Para maiwasan mo nang masaktan. Use your head, ‘wag puro heart!

Walang Masamang Mag-vent

If you’re hurting or if you feel like crying, tell someone! Remember that you have friends you can always talk to to relieve some of the pain. Everyone goes through stuff like this, so you’re friends will definitely understand. Don’t be afraid to pour your heart out every once in a while. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re strong and mature enough to own up to your feelings.

Don’t keep everything bottled up. Masama ‘yun sa kalusugan. ‘Pag ‘di na kaya, call a friend na, bes.

Time—And Sometimes A Whole Lot Of Food—Can Help Ease All Wounds

‘Wag kang masyadong magmadali to move on; may lakad ka ba?

Your heart was broken, okay? It will take time to heal. Don’t force yourself to be okay when you’re obviously not. Feel the pain; feel every ounce of it and remember. So that when you’re finally better and back to your normal self, you’ll know what to avoid. And avoid it at all costs because you’re beautiful and deserve all the happiness in the world.

Kumain ka. Yayain mo ang tropa. Food has never failed to make anyone happy.

There’s Someone Better—Whether You Like It Or Not

Sabi nga nila, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Kung hindi ka nagustuhan ng crush mong galunggong, mag-try ka ng bangus.

There’s someone better out there for you; all you have to do is open your eyes. What do you know, he could have been around you all this time already, you were just to obsessed and focused on your crush to notice. Widen your perspective. Look around you; you might surprise your self with what–or who–you’ll find.

Prioritize Yourself

Sa kaiisip mo kay crush, nakalimutan mo na sarili mo. ‘Wag ganon.

How could you expect anyone to love you when you yourself don’t love your self. Don’t neglect your self. You are your first friend and ally. If you won’t take care of your self, who will? Alangan namang ‘yung crush mong walang pake sa’yo, ‘di ba?

Go to a spa. Enjoy some alone time. Pamper your self. Always think of your happiness first before others’. You are your number one priority. Sige, saktan mo na puso mo sa kakaasa mo kay crush, but make sure na babawi ka sa sarili mo.

Love your self, queen!


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