10 Things To Keep Your Cool This Summer


Now that Summer Season is official, many of us would think about beaches that are near the metro, plan a getaway or slouch in front of the television and gadgets all day.

But for those who cannot do or even think of that because of the pile of files and tension of everyday transportation dilemma they face, this heat might just add to their stress.

Until you can hold on that pressure, try to stay calm and drink water but when all your efforts have been dried by the hot air, hold on still. You can still be saved! Just follow this 10 simple tips: (aside from bringing a bottle of water)

1. Time Your Hangout

Your agitation from the heat sometimes starts at you. When this season of the year came, you should go and monitor your surrounding. Feel the air outside. Usually, the strong heat wave is around 11 am and 2pm, so mark those hours for your hangout.