10 Things That A Woman Should Start Giving To Her Man

How many times have you felt disappointed in your boyfriend? Or thought about breaking up with him because of his little mistakes? And did I mention that we hate the word ‘perfect’? Simply because no one is. Humans are bound to make mistakes and just to inform you, your boyfriend is a human. Generally, men are not the “knights in shining armor”. They’re just not the Romeo to your Juliet nor the Jack to your Rose. Save that romantic notion for the movies because the truth is, girls, don’t run the world. Step out of the fantasies and get into the reality!

The notion that the society has with men is that they are strong and independent whereas to them it means expressing no emotion and pain. They have this strong avoidance of vulnerability because of that strong fear that they will be judged as ‘a pussy’. But just like how a human being is, men also have emotions. They just don’t tend to express themselves as much as women do and this gives the women no right to abuse that.

Women should learn what to expect and demand from their partner because mind you, your boyfriend also has his own life. He has his own family and has his own priorities in life. Women should quit expecting and start accepting. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not some sort of a Pro-men article. This is essentially giving them a chance to demand what they also need.


First things come first. We know how relationships work and ‘doubting’ is like building up a big wall to your so-called ‘road to forever’. Men appreciate someone who completely trusts him with everything.

Besides, you made him your boyfriend. So, that means you trust that he loves you. So why doubt?

Social Life

Men hates a manipulative partner who always checks on ‘where he is, what he does, or who is he with’. Don’t stick to those lines he said such as “You are my world” and “You are my everything” because those phrases are just made to make you smile, often during the courtship or the beginning of your relationship.

Men don’t mean it literally. He can always choose his friends over you and if that happens, stay calm. It’s not like he’s going to commit a crime when he’s with his friends and besides, he’s been with them for way longer than you have.

Family always comes first

When it comes to family, we all know it is one’s top priority. So, I’m sorry ladies but you’re just not his number one. That’s just it. Blood is always thicker than water and you’re just part of the water.

Besides, if there’s someone you should be comfortable with being your boyfriend’s company, it should’ve been his family because family are always the good influencers.

Hobbies or Habits

I know a lot of women don’t like guys who drink or smoke or those guys that are too much in love with their guilty pleasures such as cars, basketball or computer games. This is because women tend to get too paranoid when they feel that they’re being ignored because of those things.

But you can’t let your boyfriend depart from those because not letting him do what he wants is like changing his way of life. And no man wants that. If you can’t bring him to your world, bring yourself to his. Learn to love what he loves to do.

Girl Friends

Ladies, you must understand that your boyfriend has a circle of friends and among those are their girl friends. Just like you who have guy friends. It is inevitable for a guy to avoid women in this world full of womanhood.

But know that a girl friend and you, as a girlfriend are both playing very different role in his life. Now if you see that a friend is playing your role, you know what to do…


Giving each other spaces is very important in a relationship, yet women often demand for more time from their man. Although you are his girlfriend, you should understand that you’re not his top priority and even if you are, let him know that his top priority is himself.

Give him the space that he needs in order to accomplish some important things to do and to be with some important persons in his life. You can’t let your boyfriend be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s like eating the same food everyday.


You have to stay away from his phone or laptop or from his social media accounts. There are some things that only guys could understand. It’s not like he’s cheating or hiding something fishy from you.

There are just some things that are best unseen. But if you go browse through his phone, I’m telling you, ‘I already warned you!’


A lot of women feel that they should be the one in control with their relationship which makes men feel inadequate and not valued. Making them feel that it has always been their fault from the very beginning makes them diminish their egos.

Although men are known to be strong, they are also human who seek for love and affection. Men appreciate when you acknowledge them for what they do and praise them for what they are or what they look like. More so, if you show your affection physically.

Peace of Mind

Generally, women are very expressive of their thoughts, but that doesn’t mean that you are entitled to bitch all the time. It’s not right to nag and makes all things such a hell of a big deal because most are really not.

Men hates women who constantly bring negative vibes to him. They’re all major mood killers. There’s no issue which can be fixed through nagging. A nice calm communication is the key to fix the misunderstandings.


Accept the fact that you can’t change him. Most women feel that they will be the reason for their change or for their man to be a better person; on some level, you may still believe that you can pull it off, but you can’t.

You’re making him the person that he’s not and he doesn’t want to be. Don’t be fooled with the perfect guys in the movies. Bradd Pitt played a lot of a ‘perfect man-like’ roles in some movies but we all know that he’s not in reality.

Women often feel that they are giving so much to their man that they can’t be replaced by any other woman. You’re feeding your mind with so much satisfaction that you thought your man can’t live without you. Let’s get real! The truth is, you are replaceable, and he can always live without you. And the more he will feel the need to separate his life from you if you deprive him to enjoy these things. Let him enjoy the things that he can still enjoy while he’s not yet tied to you. Save the ultimatums when you get married!

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