10 Things Only Those Who Have Attended An All-Girls School Can Relate To

10 Things Only Those Who Have Attended An All-Girls School Can Relate To


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People always have a certain perception about girls who attend an all-girls or exclusive school. Sure, from an outsider’s perspective it seems like well-mannered and proper ladies, but only those who have lived the all-girls life can truly know what goes on inside classrooms and during breaks. From asking for napkins to memorizing each blockmate or classmate’s perfume, here are ten things that will be relatable:

Asking For A Napkin Out Loud Is Not Embarrassing

Unlike co-ed schools, hearing a block-mate or classmate ask the class if anyone has a spare napkin is nothing new. There are no guys who’ll make you feel embarrass going through your normal monthly-period.

In fact, everyone is probably aware of that one girl that always brings an extra napkin. So, who has a napkin everyone?!

Casual Wear Is Not An Easy Task

Unfortunately, casual wear or wash day isn’t really a walk in the park. It becomes tricky to find the right clothes because of the strict clothing rules. No torn jeans, no off-shoulders, no skirts above the knee.

Thus, even though you wouldn’t worry showing-off too much skin for there are no men who will peek at it, it’s still a struggle pulling-off your ootd because of the strict system.

Uniforms Get Extra Tight During Senior Years

For those who went to an all-girls school during college, it’s no surprise to watch every girl in class upsize from their first year to their fourth year.

So popping buttons becomes a normal but still humorous laughing matter. It still remains a mystery though why most college girls never bother to get a new batch of uniforms.

Your Clique Had A Name

Whether you attended an all-girls school in college or high-school, it’s most likely that you had a clique and your clique had a name. Being part of it is a norm in an all-girls school.

Naming it is quite the exciting part because most often, girls who form their clique becomes famous. If not taken from each clique member’s first or last name, the clique name is probably taken from similarities between each member.

You Had That One Cute Professor Or Teacher

One thing a lot of all-girls attendees have in common is a distinct memory of having that one cute professor or teacher. Whether it’s his dimples or smile, he was surely the school’s eye-candy.

After the class, it’s a routine that they flock together and talk about the how cute his smile was or how hot he is on her shirt.

You Can Tell Which Classmate Is Which By The Smell Of Their Perfume

For all we know, girls just love showering themselves with perfume. And, being in a school full of girls, perfumes is definitely a thing.

So you can pin-point and name each member of the class with eyes closed and get it right just by their scent.

Turning Your Back To Someone And Saying “Meron Ba” Is A Common Code

If a random friend comes up to you, faces you their back and says “meron ba?”, you automatically know they’re referring to a stain. This goes without question.

If napkin isn’t a big deal, what more to asking the the stain of the menstruation right?

You’ve At Least Once Been Amazed About The Fact That Your Periods Sync

You’ve heard before that spending a lot of time with a bunch of friends that are girls will cause your periods to sync and allow you to all have them during the same time. And it amazes you every time it happens.

The First Question To Any School Occasion Is, “Anong Susuotin Mo?

Because girls are just too fashionable, they wouldn’t want to be outdated and tamped by different glam-styled girls. So, asking them what they might wear is part of their casual conversation.

It’s inevitable to be overly concerned about what to wear at a school event, especially if it’s the type that includes inviting an all-boys school over.

There Is Always That One Girl Everybody Hates

Whether it’s her snobbish attitude or over-confidence, there is always that one girl in school nobody likes. And there will always be a certain group who go against that girl.

And if stabbing is a crime outside the campus, stabbing behind your backs is just a culture in an all-girls school.

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