10 Things Only No-Boyfriend-Since-Birth Girls Can Relate To

NBSB, no boyfriend since birth. It’s a not-so-rare case that girls have, sometimes until their late 20s. While there are downsides to be a single pringle for too long (what’s Tinder?), there are also advantages not everyone realizes (ehem, ehem, nobody telling us what we should or shouldn’t do). For the NBSB babies, these 10 things are sure to tick every item on your list!

Everyone Tries To Play Matchmaker

Yup, just about all your friends, and sometimes your mom, acts like a matchmaker. Trying to set you up with every single breathing single guy out there.

While their intention seems out of pure concern and love, sometimes you wonder where they pick these guys up. Because they are just not your type. It also gets annoying after some time.

Everyone Thinks You’re Lonely

Sure, having a boyfriend is great. The sweet gestures and utter kilig is undeniably enjoyable. But are you fine being single? Of course! Just because you aren’t in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re lonely.

Only people who’ve been in a relationship thinks this. What they don’t realize is, you haven’t had a boyfriend before so you don’t really know what you’re missing; how are you gonna be sad about something you don’t even know what’s like in the first place?

You’ve Tried All The Dating Apps Out There

Tinder? Bumble? You’ve tried them all. Whenever there’s a new dating app, your friends let you know first. Yes, you’ve gone to tons of dates with these Tinder prospects, but none really make the cut.

No one’s interesting enough. But you use them apps anyway. Just to pass the time or have someone to talk to when you’re bored.

Many Think You’re A Good Girl

Just because you have never had a boyfriend, many automatically assume that you’re a goody-two-shoes. Something about being single gives a notion to everyone that you don’t know how to break rules.

Yes, you don’t have a boy making you do bad decisions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some on your own, right? Who needs a boy for that?

You’re The Designated Third Wheel

Third-wheeling? You’re an expert! Heck, you’ve been doing it for the longest time. In fact, you’re so used to it that it doesn’t bother you as much as people assume it does.

They can kiss all they want in front of you as long as there’s free ice cream! It’s not you who’s gonna get an STD or get knocked up in the end anyway.

You Surprisingly Give Great Love Advice

A surprise to many, you could be considered a love guru. Whenever your friends are having relationship problems, they run and confide to you.

You’re not quite sure if it’s because you haven’t been exposed to the relationship comma or you just are a great listener. Maybe you’re just good with the hypotheticals? Or maybe it’s because of all the romance books you’ve read.

People Don’t Realize You’ve Had A Heartbreak Even If You Haven’t Been In A Relationship

Just because you haven’t had a boyfriend, people assume you don’t know what a heartbreak feels like. Little do they know, you’ve fallen for someone who may not have felt the same way towards you. Thus, the heartbreak. People always assume, that only those who have been in a relationship are allowed to blurt out hugots.

Everyone has a heart and all hearts break the same. Sometimes it hurts more for those who haven’t had a relationship before. Dude, unrequited love sucks, you know!

You Have A Longtime Crush

The reason why probably never had a boyfriend is because you have this longtime, like super longtime, crush that you’ve been pining on all this time. You’re still hoping, after all this time, that he’d one day notice you, and talk to you, and like you, and ask you to be his girlfriend, and kiss you, and marry you, and live happily ever after with you. Too bad it hasn’t happened yet.

No one is like him, so you’re stuck. It’s like someone cursed you to like him forever. But it’s okay, at least you only have one distraction. That’s fine. Just make sure you have everything under control.

Studying Is Indeed Your Number One Priority

As cliche as it sounds, the phrase “studies first” is indeed your mantra in life. That’s good. You’re a responsible young woman who don’t need a man at this point in your life anyway. Just focus at the task at hand. Graduate from school and get a degree.

You have all the time for boys that you want after you finish your studies and make your parents proud. You’re still gonna be young and beautiful then, so don’t you worry your pretty head over it for now.

You Love Chick Flicks

Well, duh. Aside from being a chick, you’re a true blue hopeless romantic so you’ve seen all the chick flicks out there. You’ve watched and read all titles with the name Nicholas Sparks associated to them.

Well, there’s no shame in that. Some of there are really good anyway. And who’s to say that getting you’re only romantic stimulation from fictional characters is wrong?

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