10 Things Every Girl Must Have In A Traveling Bag

10 Things Every Girl Must Have In A Traveling Bag


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Traveling is fun and is always unforgettable but, maybe one of the most challenging part when it comes to the idea of traveling, especially for girls, is the moment where you have to pack your things. Why challenging? Well aside from the fact that we often tend to forget something, girls do have a lot of necessities and not to mention a lot of things they would want to bring with them. Just to be sure that we don’t put unnecessary things in your luggage, because obviously it’s better to save space for other things, here’s a list of 10 things every girl must have for their travel.

Travel pouch or Wallet

This is not just a must for ladies but it is also essential to all the travelers, especially when going abroad for vacation. With all the important documents or papers that you needed to bring with you, a travel pouch can be a big help. It can be placed in your carry-on bags and should contain all the necessary items needed for travel like passports (if you are traveling abroad), plane tickets, cash, cards and even cellphones for easy access so that you don’t have to scan through your bags to look for your cards or purses plus it saves space.

Facial Wipes or Face Cloth

You would want to look good and fresh during your trip, so a handy face wipes or face cloth will do you something good. You can clean your face even without the need for water and soap especially if you are on a road trip. A face wipe can help moisturize your skin while keeping you look fresh and free from dirt and oily face.

Extra Clothes and Undergarments

This one is always a must especially for the ladies who are traveling far. You wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable for the duration of your trip, so extra clothes and extra underwear will help you with that. It’s always a girl’s dilemma to always be on a fresh mode during a very tiring trip which is why extra undies is a must. This is in case you have the need to change into a fresher outfit in order to make you feel less uneasy while you are traveling so that you can pull off any look that’s perfect for your destination.

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You can always buy these at a nearest convenient store or maybe just use the ones given at hotels, but for those who would want to bring their own (and it’s highly recommended to do so), a bag of toiletries is a big must in a girl luggage. Basically, this should contain all necessary daily items such as soap, shampoo, facial wash, feminine wash, travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, lotion and of course, sanitary pads. These items will help freshen you up in a day-to-day basis while on your travel vacation. It is highly important not to forget these things for they play a very important role in your everyday activities.

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Make-Up Kit

Almost all girls have this everyday inside their bags and yet you wouldn’t want your make-up powders or lipsticks to scatter inside your bag. It is important that when you travel you keep your things intact in one container or pouch in order to make it easier for you to look for it. From lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner to blush-on, a make-up kit is essential for those who would still want to look stunning on their vacation (who wouldn’t want to?).


Girls can get crabby when not in mood, but food can be an answer to that. Girls have a soft heart when it comes to food, especially if it’s sweet. It always calms the mind whenever you are eating especially when you are indulging in your favorite snack in your new favorite destination. So, whether you are into healthy snacks (for those who are on a diet) or just into anything that is edible for you, it’s your call as long as you get to have something to eat with you. especially on long drives, for nothing good will happen with an upset and empty stomach. And of course a bottle of water will always be helpful.

Books or Gadgets

These things will save you when taking long hour flights, it’s quite boring to just sit and sleep and stand up. When traveling, it became a necessity to bring a little bit of entertainment just to make yourself busy. Gadgets such as cameras or smartphones can be a source of entertainment plus it is important for taking souvenir photos which will definitely fill Instagram feeds. Or if you prefer to go old school and classic, why not bring your favorite book as your companion during boring flight hours.


Extra shopping bags, extra plastic zip locks, extra money, basically these are the things that you need to bring as an extra with you just in case you need them. And by means of extra this also refers to your extra grooming kit or toiletries such as sanitary pads for you to always be on the go because to be honest, nobody would want to feel a bit panicky over an inadequate item in your luggage.

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Medicine Kit

This is very important in every travel and for every traveler. A medicine kit that is equipped with necessary and important medicines should always be present inside your travel bag. For ladies, a medicine kit should consists of items that are intended for women such as medicines for menstrual cramps. It is always better to be ready than be sorry.

Something Comfy

When going on long travel either by plane or just by land, it is always good to be ready. So while there’s a remaining space in your bag, why not squeeze in some comfortable stuffs such as a travel pillow or a scarf to make you feel comfortable during your trip. There’s nothing wrong in going prepared.

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